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Consumer behavior is another factor that will push changes in the role of the media in coming future.

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The consumer behavior in this juncture refers to the content preferences, willingness to pay, the level of interactivity, privacy and ownership. All these factors taken into consideration will force the media not to offer "fake news" anymore. What the customers are nowadays concerned of is quality news that everyone can trust and not just speculations.5 With this, the already established businesses will be in a position to operate in an efficient manner since they will be always at the toe in fulfilling what accorded by the law through the media.

Taking regulatory changes into place also make the role of the media to have a high likelihood of changing in the future6. These regulatory changes include net neutrality, censorship, advertising regulations, privacy regulations, local-production requirements, universal broadband, copyright enforcement and localization among others. With this regulation nowadays incoming and some of them are in the way of being implemented, it puts the media at toes of changing their mode of operation. This comes from the strictness that comes from the regulations as well as the consequences that the media is going to encounter if at any time they go against the law. In addition, the media may incur other changes which will affect negatively the revenues that the firm will earn at the end of the day.

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In regard to the advertising modes, the media will be pushed to the corner in ensuring that the various adverts made are real and not mere exaggerations.

Technology is another propagating reason as to why the role of the media is going to change in the future. The modes of technology that will fuel change include the sensors, scene acquisitions, ultra high definitions televisions and also the semantic analysis among others.8 Incoming technology will play an important role in ensuring that the customers get a high definition of the news and the resolution as well as imagery is clear as possible. Hence this will give the media no alternative rather than adopt the high-resolution technology as a way to keep in touch with the customers as well as ensuring the market is aware of the firm's products. The need to have dramatic changes in the performance and presentation of the news will call for production capabilities that are sophisticated as a way to ensure that the ability of the professional level content is enhanced.7

The macro economic conditions will also play a major role in ensuring that the role of the media changes in the future. This will entails issues such as a balance of trade, macro-shock, protectionism, recession and commodity pricing.7

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Although some of the scholars are giving speculations that the macroeconomic conditions will not bring so many changes, there is a dim light of some few benefits that will experience as a result of the drastic change in the coming future. Involving the aspect of direct marketing will ensure that there is a high level of interaction between the customers and the media firms all over the United States and the world at large.10

Deeper integration with other Apps will also propagate the changes in the role of the media in future. Most of the media stations are now incorporating various mobile Apps that enhance the easy exchange of messages from the news gatherers in the field and the news editors in the station.9 This puts out the possibilities of gathering and processing "fake news" that will in turn result to confusion to the members of the public. However, what is being put into consideration is whether the mobile Apps to be adopted are based on the best functionality to the rest of the users. If the level of functionality to other users is not well addressed, then the Apps may come out to be inefficient as far as communication between various levels is concerned.10

Having individualized results on a micro scale will also fuel a number of changes in the media coming next ten years down the line. This will entail various options that will be available to the users such as blocking, filtering and controlling any kind of news feed that may reach them.

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Filtering will be simply another way to ensure that the users only get the best and appropriate type of messages they deserve.11 The rest of the trash that was fond of popping up in their inboxes will no longer be experienced. This will enhance the aspect of productivity and offering of substance news to the end users which are the customers. The results that will be issued from the stations will be reliable and any aspect of fake news will have been fought up with.

Another reason that will make the role of the media to change is that of the mode of governing that is being adopted by many countries. How the government officials engage and interact with each other is done through the media. The airing of views and visions will be easily done through the media. Hence the media in the future is likely to take the role of governing where authorities just need to bring their opinions to the media and later they are passed to the citizens. The media will be preferred by many government officials since the media forms part of the transparent leadership that is being appraised by many developed countries, for instance, the United States11. Hence the media role will have to change in this direction so as to accommodate passing and informing to all the citizen's various government initiatives wherever they are.

In future, the role of the media is likely to change to enhance better response in case disasters arise. Some of the disasters that require the media to step in include floods, drought and terrorist attacks. Having media in place will enhance transfer of information to the relevant authorities on the pace they are required to respond to the disaster with. Furthermore, the media will be in a position to help when it comes to matters regarding coordination of the helping personnel during the disaster.

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On the other hand, the media will help in creating a platform for the members of the public to air their views in regard to the disaster that has taken place.

The role of the media in future is in a position to change simply because of the need to coordinate in tackling some of the biggest world challenges which include the climate change and the human rights.12 The media at this juncture will help in sharing of information either on matters to do with human rights violation management or preventing the violations of the same. This will be one of the attempts that will aim at making the world be a better place to live in. On the other hand, the media will help in adequate forensic reconstruction and verification following by human rights advocates and the various prosecutors.

Future media lies in high chances to undergo changes since it will have to offer some efforts in shaking the public health and healthcare issues in general for more developments to be initiated. The media will have to be actively involved in criticizing how healthcare services are rendered and also emphasizing on more campaigns to make the members of the public more aware of the need for proper health.13 In addition, the involvement of the media when it comes to health matters will help in informing the members of the public the need of having regular medical checkup which all correlate and aims a...

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