Critical Thinking on the Use of the Social Media Among the Youths

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Critical thinking
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Social media has become the world most adaptable means of communication in the world. Social media has been embraced by many people regards of their ages. Some of the common social media include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, however, other social media handles have emerged, and has further eased the means of communication. Social media has been used to communicate some of the social, political and economic issues in the society. People used to express their sentiments in the society and provoke whatever they perceive to be against the social norms and social ethos. The use of social media has been applauded especially during the political crisis.

Conducting the research

The topic of this observational study is to determine the impact of social to the world. The purpose of this research is to analyze the future of social media in our society and how it has influenced our life. I conducted the observation study by observing how people use it during their private time at the internet cafe, home, school and political parties. The targeted group in this observational study are the youths and the old population, and regardless of their employment status or other personal activities.

Data analysis and Data interpretation

I successfully took note of what I observation on the matter and I compelled them with my notes to come up with the sensible conclusion. The observation was done for 3 days at different locations, and at different times of the day.

Through observation, I learned that most of the young people spend a lot of their time on the social media platform as compared to their old counterparts. The young people have more time and energy and they believe that through social media their ideas and thoughts can be heard and given attention to. As I continued with my observation study, I realized that even the politicians have embraced the social media to carry out their campaigns, since there is where there is more attention as compared to any form of media. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton heavily relied on the social media to engage with the American voters and have scrutinized for their political abilities. Most of the people that I observed were connected to more than one form of social media in order to participate more. Donald Trump, the current American president has been well known as a person who likes twitting when replying his critics and posting the progress of his government.


The observation study has been effective enough in investigating the use of the social media in America. With the increasing spread of the internet, more people are taking advantage of every opportunity to get online and interact with others, additionally, the use of the smart phones has to ease instant replies in the social media, hence making it the most user-friendly means of communication.

Some of the limitation that I encountered during my study is that my observation was restricted to the social media accounts of some individuals, due to the security features that they have enabled in them since they consider it a personal thing

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