The Heroines: Naomi & Ruth's Triumphant Journey

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2c Role of main characters

The three ladies have a role in the plot development since it is viewed that they have lost their husbands almost around the same. However, Naomi chooses to go back to her hometown and advises her daughters-in-law to go back to their mothers. Oprah leaves, but Ruth decides to remain with Naomi where they relocate, and she manages to find another husband, Boaz in the new town.

2d Vilians Naomi and Ruth require to be identifies as heroes because they ensured that they survived the tough situation. They left Moab that had great things for the city of Bethlehem where they knew they were going to struggle, but God was faithful to them.

3. Implicit and explicit roles of God

The implicit acts of God are seen when Naomi and Ruth return to Bethlehem but have no work and anything to sustain them through their living. However, he shows up when Boaz chooses to ensure that food is in constant supply to the house of Naomi and her daughter-in-law. God is seen when Naomi finds a helper since she was still in pain and could withstand staying in the same city that all her family had died. God gave her Naomi to walk with her through all the regions she would step.

4 Central themes

The book has various themes, but the main ones include; the providence of God and the Kinsman Redeemer. However, by the grace of God Ruth gets the opportunity to collect grains in fields of Boaz who later provides that the two ladies be given food from the produce. Therefore, as a kinsman, it meant that God was expected to take care of the people from Israel since they were faithful to him even when they moved to other cities.

5 Classification of narrative

The story in the book of Ruth is about historical narrative since it explains a past event that had its causes and consequences. Moreover, during the time of judges, the people of Israel had a hard time since they had no food. Furthermore, the three ladies are explained to have separated due to the loss of their husbands. Thus, Naomi and Ruth who have chosen the rough road and seen to be successful at the end of the book as Naomi are treated like a mother, yet she is a grandmother.

6 Authorial intent The wanted individuals to know that even women could survive tough situations through the help of God. Moreover, the author wanted to showcase the power of God by providing the different narrations. Therefore, the author also wanted the people to understand that God is powerful and does not discriminate people. he serves everyone despite the place, race and the tribe of the persons. Thus, the author wanted to provide an understanding the God shows up in the tough situations.

7. Canon

The book of Ruth is among the Canon in the old testament since during that time the people did not recognize the existence of God. Some people argue that it should have been placed in the new testament since the traits of God are portrayed through the bible verses. Secondly, it easy to identify that God was significant in every aspect of living and not the Jews upheld themselves in the community. Moreover, the book also explains that in the presence of the highest no discrimination exists as Ruth was a Moabite and was not expected to convert to the new religion.

8 Application

Applying the themes is important since I would rely on God for everything. In the narrative, Ruth and Naomi are leaving but have no idea of how they are going to survive, but God walks with them through the entire journey until Naomi gets married again. Therefore, the communicative intent is significant because it provides hope that God is not willing to disappoint at the time when he is needed. Moreover, gender is not a priority as Ruth becomes the first judge. Therefore, in the times of troubles, I would apply the verse since it will remind me of the faithfulness of God. Moreover, I will be sure to survive the tough situations because he enabled Ruth and Naomi. The impact would be alarming as the strategy remains to be persistence and depending on God.


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