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Baxter, Charles. GRYPHON; 1985: 47-58.

Baxter Charles is the author of this book. Gryphon was published in 1985. The book is an expression of the author's way of prediction that is written with the aim of creating personal opinions. The author of the book uses minor characters that had a predictable tendency through the five oaks they had been presented with by their regular teacher. The author uses Tom views of the new teacher to create the character of Miss Ferenczi. Baxter shows depict the difficulties of the pupils in changing their way of doing things when Miss Ferenczi starts the class and deviates from the previous teacher method of teaching. Tommy views his mother as a direct opposite to Miss Ferenczi character. This is evident from the perspective of the new teacher's life as told to Tom. The author uses dynamic characters that express their way of taking charge. Baxter has mastered the need for symbolism in his writing. The reader has an easy time in understanding the actualities presented by the writer through this story. Miss Ferenczi aims to nature her pupils to form their independent opinions and embrace change.

Potter, Beatrix. "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"." Peter Rabbit and Other Stories. Lit2Go Edition. 1902.

Potter Beatrix is the author of this book. The author illustrates the desire to explore forbidden things in the book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit which was first published in 1902. The author writes a captivating tale of a rabbit that does not heed to the instructions of his mother and not to go to the garden of Mr. McGregor. The characters in this book are personalized in the sense that they can talk and even have human names. The disobedience of Peter has consequences; he is chased around the garden by Mr. McGregor where he also loses his coat and shoes. The main character of the book is mischievous and disobedient. All these characters are shown by the desire of Peter to go against the instructions of his mother. The writer aims to address the human desire to break the laws despite the premeditated dire consequences. However, the tale ends in suspense since the author does not give accounts of what happened to Peter when he went to sleep.

Crane, Stephen. A dark dog; 1901.

Stephen Crane is the author of A dark Dog. This short stories novel was published in the year 1901. Stephen Crane presents the readers with a short story a dark dog; the story is marked with symbolism and slavery. In the story, the author uses the characters of a dog and a small child. The child befriends the dog, but the child's father kills it. The dog is a symbol of a slave that has gained freedom under the care of a new generation. But his freedom is limited by the laws that had been put in place by the previous masters. The author uses the characters to drive the message to its readers of the freedom that a slave is given but is unable to do anything with the freedom. The author of the book presents the reader with the analogy of post-slavery reconstruction which is marked by antagonistic feelings of cruelty and sympathy. The book is an example of great literature that is presented through symbolism.

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