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Hua Hsu article, The End of White America? is convincing because of the facts regarding demographic shifts in the U.S. Every individual who is conversant with the current trend in the demographic changes in the U.S must agree with Hua Hsu assertions about cultural mainstreaming. The point of view of the author is that U.S is a nation with the greatest cultural diversity in the world. It becomes apparent in the essay that the causes of cultural diversity in U.S revolve around issues of the rise in the interracial marriages and immigration into the country. Many people of different cultures around the world view the United States as the land of opportunities and therefore struggle to find their way to the country of their dreams. The social interactions in workplace, religious gathering, and institutions of higher learning has led to intermarriages and reducing the cases of white mainstreaming (Hsu, 47).

Hua Hsu made realistic claims regarding the topic End of White America. One of the facts put forward to confirm the claims regards the rise in the online marketing (Hsu, 50). The social network has opened up the world making it like a global village. The social media users are increasing each day and therefore the exposure to the global audience. The increase in the global audience due to social networks has reduced the cases of superiority of the white culture. It is a fact that the participation of the black people in the social media boosts their cultural confidence. Hua Hsu explained the changing trends in the workplace where the black people are eligible to work in different positions and unlike in the past where the people were working in blue color jobs.

The working conditions of the black people in the past were not good. The history of the black people in the U.S shows that the whites despised them because of their skin color. As a result, the black people struggled to look like the white people to afford the job vacancies that were filled by the white people. The article convinces because it explains the nature of job opportunities that were associated with white people. Before the human rights movement in the 1960s, the white people held better positions in the government, highly remunerated jobs, better educations, and live in good homes (Hsu, 54).

There are many examples of black people in the U.S who struggled to improve their economic statuses during their time. The black people did not leave in good environments because they did not have good jobs. However, Hua gave a satisfactory record of accomplishment concerning the rise in the cultural integrations in the U.S. Hua Hsu hold an assumption that the white culture is no longer a threat to the black people. There has been a rise in the spirit of music and athletics among the black people in the United States. Initially, the upper class in the society had better chances to show their talents in different fields such as music and athletics (Young et al., 1075). However, the black people have worked hard to triumph in different fields thus reducing the mainstreaming of the white culture.

It is true that the immigrants and the minority group do not assimilate in the white American culture just as they did in the past. Most of the black Americans and the minority groups are building their talents in technical courses and athletics, which have earned them better jobs, and more secure living environment. There is a high level of cultural integrations where the black and the white people exercise their respective cultural practices in the presence of all the multi-ethnic groups. Hua Hsu perspective regarding the change in the attitudes of the white people towards the black is a genuine reasons regarding supposed end of white culture. The change in the trends of the behavior of the black people reveals much about reforms in the old self-image (Young et al., 1078). According to Hua Hsu claims, the self-esteem of the black people has improved after realizing that they are equally equipped and talented as the white counterparts.

Hua Hsu used the current trend in the shift of power from the white to the black. In the article, Hua Hsu termed the global immigration of the black people as a threat to the power of the white people. For examples, the election of President Barak Obama as the president of the United States is one of the evidence of the black erosion. In the past, the leadership of the black people was a rare phenomenon. However, as time advances, the black people are gaining favor from the whites following their participation in different leadership positions and technical courses that the white people dominated in the past. The rise in the black people into senior positions of power has led to the decline in value of white culture where few of the black people envy the whiteness.

Buchanan echoes the viewpoint of Hua Hsu regarding the risk facing the white culture. Buchanan expressed his concerns regarding the decline in the supremacy of the white culture due to the massive immigration of the black people into the kingdom. The Buchanan observations show that the black people are aggressive and show great desire for power and technical course as opposed to the white people. In the colonial era, the black culture was not important because the white linked the black culture with slavery, poverty, and thick heads. However, the time has elapsed since the colonial error and therefore there is a change in the perspective towards the black people.The Buchanan claims regarding the threat on the white culture are genuine following the current trends in the population of the black people and the minority group in the United States. Buchanans claims are linked to the U.S census report of 2008 where the population growth rate of the black people and the minority groups in the U.S is alarming. The analysts of the census report indicate that in 2023, the population of the black people and that of the minority groups in the U.S will be more than the total white populations. The composition of the minority groups in the U.S includes the East Asians, Hispanics, and the blacks. It is estimated that after 2023, the children born in the error represent post black regime (Hsu, 54).

Beiging of American is a popular terminology in the present studies on the American culture. The strange term emanates from the rise in the cases of intermarriages in the United States. The intermarriage between the black and the white, the minority groups and the whites taint the real image of the white culture. It is true that children born to an intermarried couple has complicated nature and does not give the real picture of the real African Americans or the white Americans culture. There are limited chances that the immigrants into the United States will be mainstreamed into the American culture. For example, in the current society, it is hard to identify the white culture because of the intermarriages and the rise in the alien cultures. There are chances that the white cultures will stop being practical in some parts of the U.S (Lilla, 23).

Bill Clinton did felt the pressure of the racism while serving as the 42nd presidents of the United States. Clinton was facing old critics regarding his actual place of birth and legitimacy of his leadership. However, Bills statement on the decline of white culture is true. For example, he asserted that the senior position in the U.S government does not favor the white people just like in the past. In the present, the talents and the level of education is a precondition for the promotion and job opportunities in most of the workplaces in the U.S. In 1998, Bill Clinton addressed students in Portland State University regarding the future of racial superiority in the U.S (Young et al., 1073). The projection according to Bill shows that in the next 50 years since 1998, there will be no majority race in the United States. Bills statement shows that there is a rapid change in the demography of the country and the whiteness is subject to submerge in the multi-ethnic group.

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