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There are different things in the human race that matter a lot, for instance, being creative. This can simply be defined as the process of coming up with different ideas which are yet to be discovered and in the process of doing this the person develops ideas which end up being critical to everyone else. Creativity has dominated many fields in the human world especially in the technology field. There are different fields as well which have been greatly impacted by the human creativity and this has been very critical to the human being's race. The need for this creativity makes it a critical thing that needs to be addressed and frequently visited in order to progress in different fields we are involved in. The statement creativity is critical and critical is creative has a double meaning which tries to emphasis on the need of each other precisely creativity and its critical nature. Revising what creativity is important in addressing the statement that has let to this paper, creativity is whereby something new and somehow this new thing is valuable is formed (Csikszentmihalyi, M., 2014). Creativity requires as creative mindset which has a number of characteristics. These include; believing in one's own creativity where no one is in a position to convince you otherwise when you have made up your mind. The process of being creative involves doing something different as well as something new. The second characteristic being persisting in the impossibility. This is the act of continuous persistence that what seems impossible is possible no matter what. This usually becomes a problem to many and affects their creativity. The other characteristic involves embracing curiosity. Suspending judgment and imagining with a childlike manner gives the last characteristics. This creates creativity which as seen is critical as well as critical is creative.

Creativity has been experienced from back in the old ages and this resulted in too many critical changes that shaped the world we live in today. For instance, the development of the phone. This was an expression of creativity which was critical to communication. The person who had the idea of a mobile phone, this was out of creativity that resulted in the invention of the telephone. This invention was critical to the human race since communication was an essential thing for the people back then and it is still critical till today. In this new generations, some seem to see telephones as a normality and fail to realize the impact it had on the people who invented it and the worth it brought to the people after its invention (Chou, P.A., 2013). This shows how critical is creativity. Over the past decades, different people have become more creative and evolved the telephones functionality to the current level we are using. Creativity has seen the evolution of telephone from the landline generation to the wireless generation. From the massive sizes of the telephones to the tiniest communication gadgets. All these have been continuous creativity of different people which happen to be critical to our day to day operations. Creativity has taken the evolution of telephones from keypads to touch generation. This has a critical value added to the use of the gadgets. The critical nature of creativity is experienced in all directions in relation to this creativity.

It is impossible to imagine the world without telephone as a means of communication. How would have one passed information from one person to the other in case they were not in the same locality? Would have the current world globalization and evolution ever taken place. This shows how critical creativity is. With the continued creativity in relation to the telephone functionality, it becomes impossible to imagine if wireless phones were developed. Would one need to access a telephone both any minute they needed to make a call? All this implies how critical creativity is. The ability to store power in your mobile phone as well was as a result of creativity. This enabled the users to move from place to place with their mobile phone and perform more functionalities with them. These are different expressions of creativity which have had critical impact in communication field. The critical nature of creativity in this field cannot be measured but can only be appreciated and utilized to the maximum. Room for creativity in the field is not yet done and over the past few decades, many creative things have also happened which involve the added functionalities of telephones, for instance, the ability to use the phone underwater without it getting spoilt. This shows there is room for more creativity. The more room for creativity there is in the field the more critical this creativity becomes.

Technology has been a result of creativity. Technology has been one of the most critical things in our daily lifes today. Lets take the internet; this has been one of the most evolving fields in the human history over the past few decades. The internet has changed how we see the world. This has been due to the result of creativity of a number of people who got the idea that information can be shared all over the world via a well laid down infrastructure. At the initial conception of the idea, it seemed impossible to get information from one part of the world to the other. It was critical to find a way that information could be transferred from one place to the other and the creativity of coming up with the internet solved this (Erl, T., Puttini, R. and Mahmood, Z., 2013). This show how creativity is crucial. Information is passed from one country to the other over the internet with less effort. This did not mark the end of creativity in this field, over the past few years people have been getting creative and their creativity has been very critical to every internet user, for instance, the speeds of accessing this data. Creativity has led to the development of fiber technologies where users are in a position to access data within second.

The speeds of accessing data have been a critical issue to address and as seen creativity has faced out this problem. Creativity is not limited and each creative thing once comes up with solves a particular problem. Globalization all over the globe has been one of the major revolutions in the world. Companies and individuals have been able to venture into businesses into different parts of the world due to the ability granted to them via the internet. Some innovations such as teleconferencing being good examples of how creativity has revolutionized how the world runs. For businesses to run operations all over the world, it was critical to come up with means to connect with other parts of the world where the company has its offices. Creativity comes in to solve this challenge and we are given teleconferencing functionalities which happen to rely on the internet. This shows the continues creativity based on the previous inventions that were made. Trying to imagine pitching such an idea to a group of people who have never had this technology would seem completely impossible but the critical need for such technology would be seen. Creative is critical goes hand in hand with critical is creative.

Another worth addressing topic is the creation of a car; this has been another important creation ever made by man. Creativity involves coming up with ideas and developing these ideas although they seem totally insane. In the creation of a car, it is true that when Karl Benz gave is proposal of what he had in mind he was faced with serious resistance since no one dimmed this possible. The fact that no one so this possible dint means the critical need for such creation was not needed. It was needed and the purpose of such a creation was critical. After the creation of cars traveling completely changed and the impact of this invention has been felt all over the world. It has become a crucial necessity for most of the people (Howe, C. et al., 2014). Traveling from one place to the other is way simpler as compared to walking to the destination. Creativity is very critical; one can imagine how hard it would have to travel from one place of the other on foot. All this has been avoided due to the successful creation of the car. As seen earlier creativity is a wheel that never seems ever to stop. Different people have become more creative on the bases of a car and come up with different idea within the car that help the people use the creation more comfortably and efficiently. For example, over the past few decades, people have created different ways to boost the speeds of the car as well as the comfortability of the car.

This indicates the never-ending creative nature of us human beings. Every creative feature comes along with how critical the creations are. A good example is speed, over the years people have created different ways to boost the speeds of the cars and this has been seen to yield positive outcomes, we have had cars clocking speeds of up to 300km/h. One may look at such inventions and wonder why but this gives meaning to what the car can do. The performance of a car happens to be a critical factor to consider as a person. Creativity has enabled us to have that choice of selecting which car to use and where to use them. Creativity is critical in so many different approaches in this sector. Cars are needed for different use, for example, an ambulance, such a car needs to be developed with the ability to be a fast car but the human lives in it needs to be secure. This is a good example of critical is creativity. Coming up with new ideas and inventions to handle this situation gives a good example although the problem has already been solved. Creativity has nature ideas which help provide a fast as well as a safe car making it possible for the people to attain what they want. Critical is creativity so as to meet most of these basic needs as we encounter them in life. The human begins happen to be demanding and the process of creativity makes life more interesting.

The invention of an aircraft is another one primary creativity display of humankind. The thought of having a metallic machine which would have flown from one country to another was more of a far fetch for the humans but it happened due to creativity. One can imagine a world without aircraft. There would have been so many different things that could not have occurred. Creative is critical in both direct and indirect manner; such creativity has led to the revolutionization of the entire world. It has made the entire globe a single community where one can move from one point of the earth to the other within no time (Jakab, P.L., 2014). This makes it more critical to have such creative minds to solve such cases. The transportation sector of every country plays a huge role in the development of every country, especially for the importation and export country. This makes creativity within the sector more critical. Different types of aircrafts have been created after the first invention of the first concept of what a plane was and how it could operate. This need to come up with new ideas makes the entire process much more interesting. While on the other hand, the more needs that require new creativeness so as to be met rises and the need to be more creative comes to play, this as well is a good practicality of critical is creative. One needs to come up with a way to increase the size of the plane so as to accommodate more people; one needs to create a more efficient fuel system so as to cover more distance with a low amount of fuel. All these become critical needs that require creative minds to solve and since in the first place so far this is possible the idea of a plain was possible.

Another worth mention is the inventio...

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