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As much as quantitative mode of data collection could be a good idea with the aim of coming up with as much data for the study as possible, qualitative data collection and analysis could be a better idea. In this case instead of procedures such as random sampling, better data collection procedures such as interviewing of individuals with vast knowledge in the technological fields could be applies. Further, when carrying out experiments more resend trends in the technological fields could be subjected to experiments instead of picking random trends, some of which could already be lagging behind in terms of technological innovation

What is the purpose of research in the business context?

Research is important in the business context as it helps in the determination of potential customer wants and hence manufacturers can come up with products that fit the needs of the customer. For instance in the case of South Korea, once it understands the global wants of their targeted customers especially in the technological arena and thus it improve its exports and thus improve its gross income.

Research also keeps the business at par with what the completion is doing and thus improve its products to be at par or even above the competition in the market arena and keeping up with the relevant industrial trends. Research also helps in keeping in truck with the performance of the bossiness, maintaining what is of beneficial, improving what grows out of date and even eliminating negativity that could kill sector, and instead coming up with better and more refined innovations to improve the sector by making necessary adjustments.

Discuss some of the possible business related research in the design of the Songdo IDP may have considered before deciding to go with a giant vacuum based wide waste disposal system.

The designers of Songdo city must have done proper research on the issue of waste management and waste disposal to be able to come up with the best possible system of waste management and waste disposal, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each system. It is obvious that research was done on many other methods band after weigh the possible level of efficiency and management possibilities they finally settled on the giant vacuum based wide waste disposal system that they finally chose to go with. Before settling with it, they must have researched enough to come up with systems and conditions to employ to ensure maximum efficiency of the systems. Several back up plans must also have been put in place to be able to offer stand by systems and alternatives to be used should the vacuum system fail or even experience problems in operation.

If you owned an architectural design company and was competing with KPF to try and win the tender to design the Songdo IBP, and if you knew that KPF believed that success comes from collaboration and dialogue, where would you personally draw the line about

In the event that event that KPF believed that success comes from collaboration and dialogue, my company would invite KPF for dialogue but would instead use a strategy in which we could hide the sensitive information but offer information that would deceive them by looking accurate. By this they would open up and table their ideas and plans and my company would then take up these plans, analyses them and take the best possible plans and incorporate them in our plans. By this we could defiantly stand higher chance compared to them. To avoid possible allegations of plagiarism, changing the ideas and making them look new or even make them look better. The type of information that would be of importance would be that of their master plan, and how they plan to execute the projecting the issue of their personnel would also be of great importance as through this, the nature of work that they are likely to do is evident and thus having a knowledge of their stuff and personnel is important a this gives my company the advantage of taking the upper hand by contracting more experienced personnel in the field of work presented.

Since getting the information from them may definitely not be easy, it would be wise to engage wise tactics. Such as trying to get them to the negotiating table and trying to act friendly with them, presenting our company as open to the idea of sharing information. To achieve this we could both stand higher chances for the contract, or better still making it sound. That it is for the good of the project so that whichever company that win the contract s is able to deliver the best results. In the process I would however make sure gives as minimal helpful and sensitive information as possible and in this case we would definitely stand a higher chance.

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