The Best Way to Predict the Future Is To Create It - Application Letter for the Scotiabank National Scholarship Award

2021-07-13 01:45:24
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Harvey Mudd College
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Intelligence and preparedness are critical aspects for the success of our nation, society, and also as individuals. Like President Abraham Lincoln, who was commonly credited with the saying, The best way to predict the future is to create it I firmly believe that this quote ultimately creates a clear picture of the person who I am. In the realm of my academics, I have wholeheartedly remained steadfast in my dreams and stayed persistent regardless of the trials and tribulations that may come my way in the determination to create a good future for myself.

With regard to my career aspiration, I would like to become a Cardiologist so that I can be in a position to save lives as well as help those who are in need, especially in the third world countries. Bearing in mind that the past is the ideal foundation for a good future, I am in the course of creating my future as a cardiologist through involving myself in multiple volunteer opportunities such as volunteering at the rehab, being a homework help tutor volunteer and also a summer Co-op Counsellor. I believe that we all have the opportunity to create our own future. Therefore, bearing in mind that I would like to have a future as a cardiologist who helps the sick and the poor, I work effortlessly for that dream as early as now through engaging in as many volunteering activities as possible.

I am always creating a future for myself through my current volunteering duties which include offering academic assistance to young people, serving at the hospitals where I get to help the sick and the poor and most importantly, giving back to my society. Besides, I uphold various life virtues such as being an optimistic individual and have always set my mind on the positive thoughts. This trait in me is also highly substantiated by the fact that I consider myself a person who is always looking for best in every situation, with the hope and expectation that things will turn out well and to the best of my expectation, in the future. In a similar regard, when bad situations occur, I choose to consider this as an experience that will keep me away from making similar mistakes in the future.

In a similar regard, through my impeccable self-discipline, I have won multiple awards such as the Standard First Aid and CPRC, Junior Counsellor Training Program at McMaster Venture Camp, Westdale Secondary Honours Roll, Hamilton, Ontario, and artistic awards such as the Mitsubishi Ennikka Festa Award. In my opinion, these awards have substantially molded an ideal future for me. Also, the idea of interacting with various students from diverse backgrounds allowed me to participate well in teamwork, learn more, as well as boosting my self-confidence.

In conclusion, having a great academic record of having achieved over 90% in all my subjects, I firmly believe that I have the right attitude, desire and educational background necessary for the Scotiabank National Scholarship Award, with which I will get the best possible chance to, attain my future career goals. While I am constantly trying to participate in many future-molding activities as possible, I remain grateful to find an opportunity like the one your institution is offering. I therefore, strongly hope that I will qualify for one and commence my journey to accomplishing both my future educational and career goals.


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