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You are interviewing with the CEO of a major corporation for the position of Human Resource Manager. Describe your vision of the role of human resources in the organization and describe how you would manage workplace diversity and employee motivation (including gain-sharing and compensation), and continue merit-based promotions.


As the organization human resource manager (HRM) my vision is to build the organization to become one of the most preferred employer and provider of the most innovative resource policies and services. It is my duty to ensure that all human resource services and polices drive the organization to its best level. Some of the duties that I intend to improve and attain my vision are improving employer and employee relations, creating a sustainable salary and benefit system, recruiting and hiring based on merit, employee and organizational development, and ensuring that I comply with all employee related legislation.

The human resource vision is attainable if I continuously learn, develop, and deliver innovative resulsts for and with staff, and all other stakeholders. My vision will be guided by honesty, diversity, service, leadership, integrity, community, and learning. The greatest benefit of improved human resource department is increased productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and lower labour turnover. Effective human resource management will be arrived at in the organization if I ensure that within the organization these exist: (1) employment security; (2) there is a rigorous selection of employees based on merit; (3) teams are self-managed and follw a decentralized decision making; (4) high compensation; (5) extensive employee training; (5) there is a reduced status distinctions, and; (6) open sharing of financial and performance information in the organization (Shore, et al., 2011).

With all the above it is my duty to ensure that all are achieved. For example, I will ensure that the recruitment of employees possessing the primarily required skills to improve the production rate of the organization. I will ensure advertisement of the vacant positions and the recruitment of the employees based on merit. I will also develop a mechanism to re-employ former employees of the organization and the employment of experienced employees from other organizations. This will improve the quality of production as the employment of skilled workers ensures the development of effective organizational culture (Findler, Wind, and Barak, 2007).

Fostering Diversity at work+

Diversity is an important aspect that I should tap into as the human resource manager. It refers to the multiple characteristics capturing differences among individuals. Normally, these characteristics can be categorized both observable and non observable characteristics. The observable ones include gender, race, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, tenure, socio economic status, mental stability, education, attitudes, values, and physical and mental ability. These complex characteristics define a diverse workforce in an organization. In reference to these characteristics, the manager is concerned with managing these teams and ensures that all of them communicate and aspire for one common goal in the organization (Findler, Wind, and Barak, 2007). Normally, it is not easy to bring all these differences together and successful managers have adopted strategies that ensure everyone contributes to the set goal of the organization. Diversity brings along people with different skills and expertise and if properly utilized an organization can become a center of innovation and creativity. Innovation and creativity however depends on the managers ability to create a culture that encourages open communication regardless of massive differences.

The value of productive diversity to an organization is huge and every manager should invest on this appropriately. Manager who builds a diverse staff must realize that recruiting and retaining inclusive group of employees creates a reflection of the company within and without the company. Diverse teams are an avenue of innovation and creativity, help organization carry out the recruitment process easily, help avoid high turnover in the company, and more importantly help the company capture more market. To encourage productivity within a diverse team is easy if a manager integrates everyone into the goal of the business. Education, ethnicity, and color should not be used to create division but instead as a weapon to beat competitors. In order to create successful teams open communication should be a vital aspect in the company. Top down communication creates a line between subordinates and management and in process inhibits maximum performance (Guillaume et al., 2014).

Maximum performance becomes attainable when management easily interacts with employees and understands their problems and grievances. When there is maximum equality and zero discrimination within the organization. In respect, to promotion managers should promote based on performance and not favoritism. Favoring a number of employees discourages others which in process slows performance. Competitive remunerations and rewards for high performance form the basis of successful empires. Employees at times do not care more about compensation but still compensating them well for their roles encourages them to improve performance. Friendly management that makes every employee part of the business has the capacity to increase its profitability as compared to others that do not (Wu &Wang, 2015).

It is clear that any company that upholds diversity in its workforce stand higher chances of actually competing in the rapidly changing and competitive economy. Organizations who actively evaluate how they handle diversity issues, create and implement diversity plans are industry game changers; they have a wider consumer base and highly ranked regarding competition. Diversity assures increased adaptability at work since with a variety of individuals working in an organization, varied talents, experiences, skills, and creativity are strategically planned to meet and equally adapt to consumer demands and changing markets. Diversity gives room for broader service range which can match customers' needs across the globe. Moreover, diversity enables a company executes its full range of strategies since it has a team that can adequately lay down their tools and pools of experiences to achieve business goals, which breeds increased productivity, return on investment, and profit (Hunter et al., 2013).Employee Motivation within a company

Benefits motivate employees to work extremely hard to help achieve an organization's key objectives. When employees are compensated appropriately they become self-driven and in process create a comfortable and tranquil working environment, something that is very resourceful to the company. Employee benefit plans thus reduce costs of replacement due to employee turnover. Consequently, employee benefits also help in attracting potential employees since they add value to the entire compensation package of an employee, they, therefore, become very susceptible to accepting job offers in organizations providing employee benefits than those that don't. This reduces an organization's expenditure in soliciting for workers which cumulatively is very costly, time-wasting and demanding (Meier, 2013)

Employee benefit plans additionally give employees a sense of security. It assures employees of protection in case of an emergency. There is nothing that gives employees peace and satisfaction as knowing that all their needs are covered under insurance, and their salary may merely supplement some demands, which means they have a chance to invest in other areas or save some dollars from their wages. With this knowledge, employees feel secure and that their finances are safe (Divya & Gomathi, 2015). When employees know they have stable finances, they go through their daily lives less relieved of daily demands. Employee benefit plans, e.g., Wages, health insurance, retirement packages, education cover, etc., are the foundations of employees' financial safety nets. When they have this provided for by their companies, they are motivated to work harder and achieve their organizations' goals. Employee benefit plans help them establish a better life and work balance, they are therefore able to focus more at work and are more satisfied with their managers. Companies that offer better employee benefits are steps ahead regarding employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. A bad attitude dampens productivity quicker than anything; benefits thus save the day since they help maintain a tight-knit team of employees who are motivated to work in all conditions (Allwood & Selart, 2012).

Management of diversity and motivation of employees at workplace

So far, several organizations have adopted diverse workforce and a few who have not find it hard because of lack of prioritization, using old-fashioned workplace culture, inability to include women in decision making processes, and instinctive refusal to hire or assign roles to certain ethnicities or tribes. However, organization that has the ambition to prosper need to fully incorporate workforce diversity in the organization and motivate all employees to scale higher.

Successful workplace diversity is created when an organization stops adhering to inappropriate social stereotypes. Women and minority groups should be given a chance as long as they have the capacity to excel in given area of expertise. Organization often neglect qualified personnel based on discriminatory grounds and in process hurt business progress. Discrimination policies should be introduced to ensure that employees respect each other in the organization.

More so, to cultivate workplace diversity, an organization should involve every employee in key decision making processes. Involving employees in decision maker regardless of their age, education, ethnicity, and color creates togetherness which in vital in successful decision making process. Diverse people create a pool of ideas and can help an organization solve some of the most complex problems that cannot be solved by a single individual.

Moreover, an organization should educate employees and entirely promote flexibility. Managers ought to show the employees that everyone in the organization is capable of doing something positive. Women should be given an opportunity to prove their worth and men allowed to showcase their capabilities as well. Education educated employees to value diversity and give space to healthy competition. Additionally, the manager should promote flexibility by respecting employees career goals. Employees nowadays seek jobs in companies that allows them accelerate their career goals. Employees who fail to find an organization that creates a balance between career, personal life, and work life are never stable and often underperform in assigned duties. Hence companies should create a balance that suits every employee in the organization.

In essence, as a manager in a diverse organization I will ensure that there is understanding and proper relationship between all stakeholders in the organization. I will develop different teams and groups through which the employees will interact and develop understanding of the organizations culture (Greenleaf, 2008). I will improve the level of management by facilitating the formulation of the policies and laws that govern the behavior of every stakeholder within the workplace. I will thus ensure development of high monitoring measures to ensure every activity within the workplace is greatly supervised and that every employee has set goals.

Hiring of qualified employees regardless of economic b...

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