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Management is faced with several challenges for getting the technical team to interact with the rest of the organization. Such challenges, therefore, exhibit negative impact on the performance of the organization, and they include;

Failure to successfully enhance incorporation of dual motivations in the organization.

The human resource management team have in many occasions neglected the professional technical team by primarily majoring in the policy and practices that fail to gain credibility in the technical community. The strategies hatched by the management is hostile to the organization thereby showing the unrealistic move to incorporate the technical team in the organization potentially. The technical team suffers inconsistency because the policies do not agree on the definition of innovation which further demonstrates the challenge to the technical team. Nonetheless, effective policies and practices need to be robust enough to support technical professional which enhances future creativity and innovative success. The human resource management should ensure that a culture of experiments and explorations continuously created however much they are regarded as a waste of resources by the organization to its current priority for success. The motivational aspect needs to be reached at to increase the competency and performance of the technical team since they will be able to work in close relationship with others in the organization.

Disagreements among the management and policymakers on the relative merits of allocation of resources.

Another problem facing the team constitutes disagreements among the management and policymakers on the relative merits of allocation of resources and lack of management attention among the competing parameters of projects and technical activities. There has existed a constant disagreement between the management with the heavy allocation of resources as they prioritize other areas while neglecting the technical team. Consequently, the preferential allocation of resources towards meeting other projects in the organization at the expense of technical team tends to enhance low inclusivity in the organization. The policy and decision makers should in one accord reach a consensus on how to allocate resources to all the projects including those for technical activities. Additionally, the ability of the technical team to work on meaningful projects and the environment is a factor that resource allocation team needs to consider. Consequently, the contribution of the technical team to the organization should be considered valuable and resourceful for the organization during resource allocation.

The differential flexibility of the procedures and policies of professional job settings.

The differences existing in the flexibility of the procedures and policies of professional job settings deny the professional technical team an opportunity of fitting in the organization. The policies intensify rigidity in the procedure of incorporating the business roles and the technical implementation of organizational requirements hence preventing a greater difficulty for the technical team to interact with the rest of the organization. However, the formation of a committee with a close consideration aimed at understanding the organizational and the professional orientation priorities is instrumental to enhancing unity and close relationship with the technical team and the rest of the organization. Together with the positive feedback, the flexibility of practices, policies, and procedures that do not violate the organizational setup would deal with aspects of professional job setting thus sustaining excitement and technical vitality. Additionally, the leadership should ensure the differences and stressful requirements tend to focus on positive energy and creative tension as per the organization and the technical capabilities (Ralph, 2005).



Ralph, K. (2005). Motivating Technical Professionals Today. Journal of Research Technology Management. Vol 6, 19-27.



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