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The war in Syria has to lead to an increase in the number of refugees fleeing to Egypt. These refugees have been affected by the ongoing war in their country thus seek to find a new home in a foreign land where peace reigns such as Egypt. However, to survive in Egypt, the Syrian refugees have few options that include reliance on support from international community, reliance on support from the Egyptian government and reliance on support from the Egyptian well-wishers. The support may come in various ways such as free food, free land to put up temporary structures, access to education, access to clean water, access to health services and other basic needs. The Syrian refugees living in Egypt have also been reported to benefit regarding getting employed in various sectors.

According to Shahine (2016), the Syria has experienced political turmoil for over five years a situation that has an influx refugee crisis. Over four million Syrian nationals have been reported to flee the war-torn country and seek peace abroad. Today, not all the Syrian refugees who reside in Egypt have been registered by UNHCR, an international body responsible for the welfare of refugees. Egypt has offered not only a home for the Syrian refugees but also an opportunity for refugees seeking to migrate to Europe. It is also important to note that the Syrian refugees have had a rough time in Egypt given the fact that Egypt has also experienced two revolutions in an attempt to adopt a democratic government.

One may wonder some of the challenges that a female refugee is likely to face in a foreign country ("Refugee Voices from Egypt - Batoul's Story," 2017). Batoul explains how she has been lonely having been separated from her husband who went to Sweden in search of greener pastures. The Mother of five explains how the war situation in Syria made life hard for every citizen living them with no option but to flee to Egypt which was considered be in a better political situation. She explains that she lacks the knowledge of the whereabouts of her family members since every family was scampering for safety probably in different directions. This is a typical situation that many other Syrian faced before they found their way into Egypt. Batouls children have taken up available opportunities in Egypt such as selling perfumes and working as delivery boys. She explains that the Syrian custom prevents women from going out to work which implies that most women survive due to the efforts of the men. Man Syrian refugees had to leave behind their career and lifetime savings to scamper for safety and start from scratch.

The hardship faced by Syrian refugees living in Egypt has forced them to establish means of survival. For instance, the Syrian women association in Egypt which enlightens women to engage in economic activities that creates income for their families. The gorup is also in place to offer both financial and psychological survival for women with families. The Egyptian government has also helped the refugees by providing free education and healthcare services. The only special case that needs to be addressed is the refugees with special cases such as physical disabilities, unimmunized refugees, vulnerable women and the elderly. The categories require special attention which the current approach on ground cannot guarantee. Also, the refugees who fal to register with the UNHCR make it hard for both the Egyptian government and other international organizations help effectively.



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