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In the current supply chain domain, substantial attention has been concentrated on the concept of supply chain innovation. Supply chain managers find themselves in positions where they would like to examine the impact of their supply chain strategies and approaches specifically regarding the firm's innovation processes. This preliminary paper aims to begin a discussion concerning supply chain innovation and as an initial step provides a theoretical framework for understanding the significant factors that seem to influence the development and adoption of innovation in the supply chain. Finally, the objective of this research is to identify the key features facilitating innovations in the supply chain and provide insights on the impact of productive supply chain approaches and strategies used in the development, implementation, and management of innovations.

Supply chain management is a critical step towards integrating the major factors influencing the creation and adoption of innovation in supply chain. According to Zimmerman et al. (2016), supply chain management demands the integration, partnership and teamwork of all the actors within and outside a corporation who subsequently require aligned goals, open communication, sharing or resources, risks and rewards. As the society increasingly become knowledgeable, supply chain management has emerged even more meaningful. Firms have opted to direct their supply chain approaches towards innovation thus significantly increasing the concept of strategic innovation among organizations supply chain management.

Substantial supply chain approaches to innovation include partnerships for specific purposes. Kulangara, Jackson, and Prater (2015) establishes in their research on the impact of socialization and information sharing on innovation capability that socialization and information sharing when mediated through trust impacted positively on innovation capabilities. Other than creation of partnerships, Zimmerman et, al. (2016) establishes four other critical supply chain innovation approaches influential in supply chain innovation which includes; project management by client firms, incorporation of a new product development process amid actors of the supply chain, strategic organization between players of supply chain and open innovation strategies (Drejer, 2006).

The innovation process is a collaborative practice which requires close coordination and connection between internal and external actors of supply chain who can drive the innovation process to its ultimate success through various supply chain approaches. As Roldan Bravo, Ruiz Moreno and Llorens-Montes (2016) suggests, companies have begun interpreting innovation as a process that requires consistent interaction with the surrounding environment and greater collaboration among supply chain actors.

Summarily, the increasing importance of strategic innovation as a competitive strategy, coupled with the meaningful supply chain innovation approaches has significantly enhanced corporations supply chain management performance and the overall productivity of businesses.



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