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Any electronic device purchased from any shop at times develops problems before or after use. It is, therefore, advisable to return the device to the manufacturer, dealer or look for a local expert for repair. There is a difference in fixing a device in Korea as compared to repairs in Germany. Korea is considered more loyal to the logic of capitalism that "consumers are kings." A company is supposed to give the customer value for money by getting the device repaired in a short time. This essay is going to expound on the differences in electronic repair services in both Korea and Germany regarding response time, the cost of repair, service rendered, and the warrant for the products.

To start with, electronic repair service in Korea takes a short time. If there is a problem with an electronic product, the user can call the service center and get a technicians reservation immediately. For example, after calling the company, a tech drove to the location of the item and the electronic product was repaired in a few hours. After everything was done, the technicians company made a satisfaction survey call to confirm that the assigned technician had done the job perfectly. In contrast, electronic repair service in Germany requires a lot of patience because it consumes time. For instance, I had an experience repairing my laptop in Berlin. At that point, I first called the service center and had to wait for more than one hour on the phone to speak to the customer care representative. After the call, I was informed to take my laptop to the service center location for repair. After handing over my laptop to the customer care department at the service center, I was only able to get my laptop back after one month. Also, the repair took many days, and the technician did not call to give the details of the progress. I made several phone calls every week because the service center could not give any updates. Furthermore, after waiting for a whole month, the technician did not repair my laptop because I was told it was too old. This caused a lot of inconveniences, but still, I could not find the spare parts for my laptop in Germany.

Secondly, there are no charges that the consumer pays for getting a device repaired in Korea. For example, when my device was fixed in Korea, the service was rendered for free. In cases where the consumer is not satisfied with the repair, the technician is asked to repair it until it is perfectly done. If the item develops a problem after several repairs, the technician will still examine the item, and this does not attract any charges. This kind of service given by the repair services builds the customers confidence in the company. Germany, on the other hand, lacks such service provision for their clients. Technicians in Germany charge a fee for services not rendered. For example, the technician who could not repair my laptop demanded 60 euros despite keeping it in their store for over one month. This was also a failure by the customer service to inform me of the mandatory examination fee even when the device may not be repaired. This caused a lot of inconveniences, and I was upset with the service they provided.

In Korea, Samsung Electronics provides friendly customer services for customers. Samsung customer service is well known for excellent services because when a client is upset, they hear the customers problem keenly. There are several channels that Samsung provides services to thousands of customers. The customer can speak directly to the customer care expert or can schedule time, and they later call the client. There are online platforms that a customer can get support from an expert regarding the problem encountered while using their devices. For example, I was offered an in-home service by the company, and the experience was good. In contrast, there are no such services in Germany. There is a slow customer service delivery. I talked to multiple agents of the same company and started explaining the problem about my laptop all over again, I could not get any meaningful assistance, and the service was delayed. The agents also kept me on hold for lengthy periods, and I could not get the response I wanted on the first try. In the end, there was no service rendered at all after waiting for an extended period. All these poor customer care services in Germany made me feel bad.

Lastly, products in Korea comes with a one-year warranty hence are disadvantaged regarding repairs because an item is repaired if it only develops a problem within one year of purchase. This means that Korean companies have confidence that their products will only last a year after production. Contrastively, Germany has more advantages in electronic repair service because electronic products hold a two-year warranty. When compared to Korea, products sold in Germany are repaired for an additional one year. German companies, therefore, trust their products for two years after production.

In conclusion, there are differences in the electronic service repair offered by businesses in Korea and Germany. For instance, Korean customer service is humane based on the fast response time when taking care of a customer while services in Germany require a lot of patience because they consume time. Also, there are no charges that the consumer pays for getting a device repaired in Korea unlike in Germany where irrespective of whether the item is repaired or not, money is levied for product examination. Korean companies provide friendly customer care services to the customers unlike in Germany where the customer service is slow in service delivery. Additionally, German companies have an advantage in electronic repair service as products come with a two-year warranty unlike in Korea where companies only allow one-year warranty.

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