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The Nike Company as said have an audacious and bold innovation ambition that gives energy to our design process of being creative and propel us into the future by driving innovation. This activity has really led to the improvement of the environment in such a way that the carbon is converted and used as a raw material in production of another material. The objective of the company is to their business with half of the impact they create. Since climate change is an issue on the globe which requires global solutions, there has been much concern on the scarcity of the resource, fluctuations in the prices tags on raw materials and also changes in the distribution rates to supply chains. There is a significant impact on the athletes whenever a diverse climate change occurs as they suffer. (Sustainable Innovation, 2017)

An economy which is sustainable is one with a moderate growth of carbon. Nike thereby uses carbon as the primary indicator for assessment of sustainability, but we do recognize that sustainability goes beyond the carbon. It only means addressing all the impacts which we face in the communities and the environment where we do operate, supporting rights of labour in supply chains while serving our business and the athlete. Since business growth and sustainability are complementary, the Nike Company has reduced the absolute emissions of carbon dioxide while at the same time increasing revenues. (Sustainable Innovation, 2017)

The Nike Company is doing an excellent job in eradicating the carbon from the environment by using it to make shoes which are at the same time employed by the athletes. I recommend that the company should also find a way for the disposal of these carbon shoes after they have been used. The athletes tend to dispose of them anyhow after they are through with them. The company should, therefore, make a follow up of the usage of the carbon and come up with a method they can be collected again and even be recycled since the rubber used does not decompose under whatever conditions.

The Alcoa Foundation

Alcoa is a foundation which began with the motive of reducing the impact that we create the environment to enhance our operation footprints. In increasing the value of the product, Alcoa states the importance of aluminium to its customers in addressing the challenges of the world. The aluminium enables more energy efficient and safer buildings, fuel-efficient trucks, planes, and cars. Aluminium is also used in beverage and food packing and can be recycled after use (Alcoa Sustainability, 2017). Aluminium is a metal which if not disposed of properly hurts the environment thereby is a recommendable activity done by the Alcoa.



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