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With time technology has resulted in many changes and making life easier for many people. Every field in todays society has been enhanced by the use of technology and machines. An individual who does not know the map of a place can use the GPS system to identify the way to that site. Many digital platforms have been set up that can help one do what they want in the comfort of their smartphones or digital gadgets. This paper is a summary of the chapter amplifies human performance with the new machine.

Over a decade ago, when driving to work and an individual was caught up in traffic, they would look at the map that you printed from Yahoo! to know the road to take after glancing around and seeing a free highway. However, not knowing the place they are headed, they end up 500 yards away in addition to being late to a meeting. In contrast to over a decade ago, an individual will use Waze ways at the comfort of their smartphones to know the route to take that can make them reach their office plaza fast and in time. The GPS once despised is the of the perfect examples of how machines and technology have been enhancing work and people's personal lives.

People in todays world can access Medicare and other information, e-learning, get a lawyer and many other services in online platforms at the comfort of a persons smartphone. Some platforms have enabled parents to monitor and know what their children are doing at all times. Although, it is a personal choice when choosing what to do and how they do it. Many people will want with the enhanced human, that has sophisticated technological intelligence. Besides, technology has helped individuals in enhancing their professional life. Salespeople can exemplify improved professional life. Besides, some employees can work faster and efficiently increasing their productivity and meeting the desired output.

The use of technology should enhance human beings and their jobs. Technology can make simple ideas great. Additionally, the ideas and individuals using the tech are improved. Jobs that can be improved comprise of teaching, security, banking and much more. In many offices and workplaces, technology has enhanced working abilities through machines that have enabled writing using computers, video conferencing, reading on iPad and other electronic devices, and hangouts on Google. The management and executives who are not at their workplaces can give instructions and guidelines to their employees while using video presentations that are accompanied by some audio using platforms like Prezi. Any companys management and executives jobs have been simplified to identifying roles, processes, systems and experiences that can be enhanced by the use of technology.

Technology has made the works of people more comfortable. Teachers, doctors, bankers and other professionals can use technology specially designed to suit their needs and those of their clientele. Technology used is code specific and programmed to enable the professionals do what they want to meet their clientele demands. The implication is a win-win situation for the professionals and their clientele. An example is doctors being able to have new records for their patients alongside retrieving records of pre-existing patient records. Besides, teachers and students can access e-learning materials for educational use.

Machines and robots can be used to enhance the working of human beings. Additionally, the sophistication of technology has resulted in the making of prosthetic body parts. Technology sophistication today has strengthened the relationship between machines and human beings. The roles of devices controlled by human beings have enhanced their functions, processes and jobs through automation. Therefore, indicating that the relationship between technology (machines) and human beings as a symbiotic relationship. Besides, intelligence and technology have resulted in the creation of sophisticated gadgets and devices that work in a better way, even better than human beings.

Smart robots make quick hands. It is not only machines that are getting better, but also the people that are operating the machines. The point can be exemplified by the moment when the man-machine relationship when World Go champion Lee Sedol was competing with Googles Alpha Go in 2016. Alpha Go made a move referred to as Move 37 that was quite unusual even taking the commentators by surprise. However, the move turned out to be what they later called the winning move in the second game of the five-game series. In game four, Sedol made a move 78 that came as a shock to Alpha Go. Besides, Demis Hassabis, the founder of DeepMind never imagined the move he had put in Alpha Go could be executed by a human being and result in Sedol winning the game at that level. Alpha Go went on to win the game at level five, but Sedol acknowledged that he could not have won the game and executed move 78 unless he only played against Alpha Go. Besides, it became a game changer as he learnt that there are different ways that the game could have been played. Therefore, in the relationship between man and machines, we can say that the machines enhanced Sedol making him brighter as he interacted with the machines.

In responding to issue of human beings becoming jobless with the ever increasing use of machines, Max Yankelevich, the CEO and founder of Work Fusion, argues that the future is nuanced. Max further alludes that the use of machines does not render people jobless and making their roles obsolete in companies, but moves them higher in the revenue-generating cycle. Besides, the combination of people and machines, along with operating them correctly as required will result in better results and optimize on efficiency. The use of machines complemented by people is seen as a move that makes people more productive rather than stacked up in their workplaces. Besides, Max asserts that machines and technology are evolving the market as indicated by improvements in productivity.

Automation of things is what is commonly referred to as the definition of enhancing in technology in enterprises. Besides, automation is the focal point in improving anything in any workplace. Bankers can work in the comfort of their computers as there is software that can help them in collating different information regarding their customers. The programs and software make it easy for the employees to obtain information from their clients and make comparisons, which is not the case when they do the tasks in person or manually. Besides, a teacher can flip a lesson in the classroom. By flipping a class automatically, it implies that he or she has got some extra free time for themselves to do something else. The time could be used to attend to individual students who have problems in understanding some concepts. The believers of technology in any workstation greatly benefit in every competitive economic, societal or commercial levels. The benefits are gained if the technology is applied effectively to yield the desired outcome.

There are two major steps an individual can take today to enhance ball rolling that include: double-down on being more human and build your white collar exoskeleton. Double-down being more human is about technology enhancing people, making them feel human than how they are perceived by people. Besides, when the computer does what it does best, it allows humans on doing what they do best like being building relationships, being empathetic, and making sense of convoluted systems. On the other hand, building the white collar exoskeleton is enhancing the abilities of an individual with technology. The improvement is ideally referred to as the actualization of what has been called science fiction for centuries. The creation of prosthetic arms and legs that are used by individuals whose body parts have been amputated are some of the best examples. Prosthetic body parts and exoskeleton allude to the fact that there is more humanity in machines allowed as compared to what we think of machines. Automation of machines and the working on the relationship between sophisticated relationship will see the analytical, communication and learning skills improve in the coming years. Encompassing technology in human beings will result in improvement. If technology can enhance the working of people, many scientists are now working on how the human brain will be improved by technology in future.

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