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Post # 1

Inclusion refers to the atmosphere with the belief that all individuals are equal and have equal rights in the society. Canada is inclusive. People from all nations and countries are always welcome by Canada. Each individual has equal opportunities depending on his or her potential. Education serves to all by refusing the perspective of black or white color, race, and nation differences.

However, somewhere in Canada inequality still exists with different perspectives. In my point of view, there is inequality based on "class". People who have belief that they are "middle class" suppose to be inferior in society than the rich people belief with ""upper class". Ultimately, based on these beliefs people face the inequality regarding life expectancy, housing employment etc. This is because society themselves made higher expectations from "upper class". In simple words, an individual is responsible for creating inequality for another individual.

Multiculturalism is good for enhancing the diversity around globe but every coin has two sides. Similarly, this act also has some limitations. Majorly, this creates "level of social harmony" in the society. This means, to some extent multiculturalism affects the life of people of minor communities negatively such as it explains the differences between cultures which may creates the feeling of inferiority among some people.

In this case inequality is brought about by social classes which are the middle class and the upper class. The rich who are the upper class believe that they are superior in the society than the middle class. Therefore, this brings an inequality in terms of housing, employment and life expectancy. This is because the society has more expectation of the upper classes. Each person creates an inequality for another person. The difference of cultures brought about by multiculturalism is also another source of inequality. This is due to the fact the people from minor communities feel inferior in relation to the major communities.

Post # 2

Canada is indeed a country that is believe support inclusion. If you should look at the reformed education policies, the idea of inclusion is imprinted. There is emphasis on the minorities. However, there is still exclusion in many areas. Many on paper most companies will say the hire people with disability and a look at the inside show a complete different opinion. It look from a far as if Canada is a country with little or no racial discrimination but a look on the inside will reveal different. Certain groups would never hire people of certain ethnical background.

Inequalities do exist because people with power like to remain powerful and would not like to know that the racial individual next door is as equal in power as they are. The government does not want to feel powerless and other people of similar structure will hold similar belief. Therefore, although multicultural the laws and policies are not always in favour for multiculturalism.

In this case inequality arises because of how on paper there is inclusion but out on the ground that is not the case. An example is how some companies claim that they hire people with disability but when you look at the actual company employees you find that they dont have anyone with disability. It also appears like there is no racial discrimination in Canada until you are actual out there and encounter several incidents of racism. Those in power promote inequality because they want to remain in power. This also happens with the government whereby they want to always remain powerful so that they can rule the powerless citizens.

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