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The test of every leader lies on the response and reaction of his or her followers. A good leader is one who does not enact authority over the followers. A good leader is one that makes his or her influence be felt. The influence, for instance, should be by instilling confidence and exemplifying himself to his followers. Thus, any great leader's achievement is measured on what he has accomplished thus far.

Most people, I inclusive have faith that right leaders are those who guide, serve, help and support. A good leader with new commitments and who aspires to connect and serve his or her people have to envision a better future and set worthy goals and follow through an impact that is sustainable first. Some people believe that often leadership is supposed to be a lonelier road if one cannot be able to connect and serve with the people he or she leads. Thus, as a leader, we need to make ourselves be inspired, energized and motivated to influence others with our devotion, purpose, and heart.

As a leader, I have owned up some commitments and action plans that will help me serve and connect well with the ones that I lead. Among the obligations that I will be embracing include; to lead and serve with my peoples' time. In this world, the precious commodity is time. If I should commit always to observe time and influence my people to be guided by it, its reward will be limitless to our productivity. Secondly, I will commit to serve and lead with empathy. I will take into consideration the people who matter to me the most. The people who are attributed to have brought a big difference to us. I will commit to listening to them with empathy and offer a listening ear to them. With that, all these people will feel valued, and their presence matters most.

Leading and serving with patience will be another commitment that I will learn to embrace. Patience shouldn't be learned when everything seems to be doing well, but it should be cultivated at a time when everything is supposedly falling apart, and nothing is working or going right. I will commit to extending full support to when things are not working well and always allow operations to take place without pure perfection, which in return will accord me the commitment to gain future stores of patience. Apart from patience commitments, serving with recognition is also another valuable element that I have learned to commit on. When we offer appreciation to the excellent work done to people who we serve, we acknowledge the extraordinary moments connected between them and me as a leader. The noblest gesture is to recognize them and shower them with gifts hence encouraging them to work extra hard in future.

Equally, I have learned that we should commit to lead and serve from within as we try to mentor others to take up leadership mantles. Leading and serving from within offers a great leeway to pass on other generations skills and wisdom. Thus, the responsibility of leadership will always be extended from one level of management to another. Finally, commitment to serve and lead with the connection. At that juncture that we care on the welfares of others, we quickly create an intimacy connection. The association builds loyalty, and that commitment will enable me to receive alliance with the people I lead.

Leadership development is a lifetime entity. Essential immediate actions which are required to be implemented are done so through a thorough assessment that entails designing a roadmap and actualizing that roadmap.


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