Essay Example: Designing a Hiring System for CIC Company

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Use of technology will enhance the flow of information within the organization from one department to the other. When it comes to recruitment in the company, more than two departments are involved and for an efficient communication among them, technology usually plays a significant role. With proper software in place, the CIC recruiters will be able to display the qualified applicants on the screen and that will automatically reach the employers to select the most suitable applicant for the post.

Technology use in Collaboration

In every organization, people do have their different opinions and technology usually grant them a chance to express their views hence opens a floor of discussion. In this case, different parties will disagree on various issues but at the end of it all, they will have to take an action (Mourshed, Farrell & Barton, 2012). Regardless of peoples ranks in the company, technology will always display their positions to everyone what makes it great leveling device in the organization.

Use of technology in Relationships

Consultant companies usually deal with several clients that they need to maintain a good relationship with for future benefits. In CIC technology will enable the firm to maintain a good relationship with job seekers as well as those who have left the organization giving them a good reputation in the market. They will have a website where their clients, as well as the job seekers, can express their views regarding their services and vacancy available.

Technology in Maintenance of Organizational Structure

Following an increased number of people being hired, the CIC company needs a hiring process that involves dictated centralized hiring team participates from sourcing to onboarding though the team available is incapable of achieving it. A hiring system will ease the job for the team in that each member will have a section to operate.

Competitive Advantage

The hiring system will give CIC a leverage over its competitors in the market by accessing and recruiting the best applicants out there. The system will allow them to scrutinize the resumes fast and easily (Noe et al. 2003). Their website will also attract a large number of qualified job seekers that grant them a chance to choose from a variety.



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