Essay on the Contribution of Effective Questions to the Coaching of Another Individual

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Coaching is one of the most effective techniques used by business managers to develop the talents of their employee individuals. To enhance its effectiveness, open ended and close ended questions are used to help magnify the thinking capacity of an individual. One will be developed and challenged in way that truly builds new skills and enables them to learn from experiences.

Use of effective questions provokes thoughts rather than giving directions and also holds a person accountable for his or her own goals. As a result, it increases the persons effectiveness, broadens their thinking, and identifies strengths and also development of needs and how to achieve challenging goals.

It also provides assessment that helps a person attain self-awareness and insight. Through this one can easily identify his or her inconsistencies, on current performance versus desired performance, words versus actions and intentions vs impact thus focusing on how to better these specks and as a result grow in their talents.

Questions challenge thinking and assumptions. It thus tends to push and individual to think about thinking. When open-ended questions are used, they yield to alternative solutions to problems and encourage reasonable risk-taking. The biggest problems in the world have been solved as a result of intensive thinking. It is therefore, essential for questions to challenge one into thinking in order to come up with ideas which later become solutions to these problems.

An individual gets encouragement from the coach to make progress toward achieving their goals and this helps them recognize their successes and focus on the growth of their talents. Some people are held back by fear to make progress in their talents and grow them. A little hand is thus needed to help these individuals realize what they can do and nurture them. A question like, if you dont do it who else will? can really do magic in this case.

One also is helped to set meaningful goals and identify specific steps for meeting them. Also, it helps one clarify measures of success and hold oneself accountable for them. These goals center majorly on the improvement of their talents and how they can be useful in achieving the set goals of a business organization. For instance, one might be talented in Mathematics. In a business setting, he or she should come up with ways which this math will be useful to him as a person and to the whole organization. He or she can help solve problems in the business organization and as a result, will also benefit from the activity.

It is therefore very fundamental for throbbing questions to be used during coaching since they yield to the above listed benefits toward the development and growth of talents in an individual. Not every person is courageous enough to recognize their abilities and use them to help solving problems in a business setting hence the need to use questions to trigger inner assessment and recognition. Also supportive questions help encourage one to continue pursuing what they believe in and this leads to growth and development.



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