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Organizations prosper when the extraordinarily and committed individuals are at the helm. These extraordinary talents refer to the rising stars that have great promise for the company and outshine the peers in various ways. The rising stars have great abilities that enable the organizations to surpass the competition (Hills, 2009). A firm cannot make maximum use of the human resources unless it identifies that the employees are the best choice and some, if not all have the characteristics of rising stars. Identifying the rising stars in the organization increases the quality of performance of the company as a whole.

Why leaders should coach rising stars

Leaders can change the lives of the rising stars by fully applying their leadership talents. It is the responsibility of the leaders to coach/mentor the rising stars because the leaders possess the can have an authentic influence on the extraordinarily talented employees (Gerzon, 2006). Leaders can adopt the new technology, have effective communication in that they communicate very often and efficiently, and are capable of getting feedback from the others. Additionally, the leaders are also able to create value in the lives of the rising stars.

Coaching and succession planning

Effective coaching helps the employees become more efficient in their job. It is apparent that coaching helps in talent management. If the leaders want to carry out promotion from within but feel that the in-house bench strength is not ready for the promotion, job content coaching can offer on the job training to help the employees shift from their previous role to the new one (Rothwell, 2010). If the workers have inadequate interpersonal skills for the highly demanding level responsibility, a job process coaching can efficiently provide the needed skills.

How to identify rising stars in organizations

The most important thing to do for the future of your organization is to perfect your talent in spotting the rising stars to invest in the future success of the firm. To identify the rising stars, the leader needs to pay attention to the attitude of the staff like whether particular employees are eager to participate in new projects or deliver performance beyond expectation. Additionally, the leader can set aside some time to discuss the lower level staff with those working immediate to them because with the high levels of operations in the company the leaders may be unaware of hardworking employees who immensely contribute to the company success (Hills, 2009). Lastly, the leader needs to analyze the current rock star leaders to find out common traits. By identifying specific characteristics that majority of successful managers the leaders can proceed to find out these features in the lower level employees. The company has to foster a culture that motivates its employees to attract the top talent. Employees need to feel appreciated.



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