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In the recent years, as more of the public government schools are becoming numerous across the countries, the relevant educational stakeholders to identify the importance of high quality of education, equal and personalized learning process for all students irrespective of their family income, race, language and physical status (Walther-Thomas 2016). To improve the quality of education in public schools should ensure that teacher's professional and personal needs and grievances should be addressed in the broader perspective to motivate them and keep them in the system of supporting the learners.

How professional program increase the capacity of faculty in a way that aligns with the school vision and mission and promotes student learning.

Professional development improves the chances of the capacity of the faculty, more especially by putting more emphasis on developing and enhancing the attributes and attitudes of the instructor, to motivation in their professional work. On the other hand, this practice can tentatively help the essential teachers in the understanding of the content that they intend to deliver to the students. To acquaint the full potential of those particular students, and in return, this enhances the increase in the motivation increase of the teachers in the education profession and also improving the performance of the learners or students in the public and private school.

Principal roles and actions regarding the development of the instructional program and teacher's instructional ability.

In every public institution especially the civic learning institutions, those stakeholders in the upper management authority, to perform significant roles and functions to ensure efficient realization of all the operations of the entity. In this context, the principals try to improve the achievements of the institution by focusing on the proper quality instructions. They elaborate on the goals of the school and its expectation. They encourage continuous professional learning, empower the whole staff to enhance and improve participation of the teachers in the decision-making process concerning the changes in the curriculum of the education system. They also try to demonstrate skills and knowledge in the instructional assessment of the system.

The duties and roles of teachers in the Development of the Program.

In all the public institutions, every teacher plays a particular role or function, to achieve the goals and objectives of the entity. The stakeholders should participate in the designed duties and work as a team. About this context, the responsibilities of every singles teacher are to identify the relevant resource materials for learning purposes, to be able to deliver an appropriate content to the students hence providing quality and related skills and knowledge required by the learners in the public institutions. Conversely, the teachers try to remain current with the school policies, procedures, and instructions to enhance confidence and trust of the students in the body, to their particular teachers who equips them with the knowledge and skills required in the system. Through these methodologies, it thus enhancing provision of quality, appropriate and relevant education to all the learners in the public and private schools.

How Professional Development aligned to the Continuous Improvement Plan.

In this essay, the aligned program provides professional development and growth to the teachers. In return, it reflects the plan goals and strategies of the public institutions, which in the long run ensure that the professionals are executing their duties and roles adequately, to improve the performance of their work. This program alignment also helps the teachers to identify the relevant areas where they should put more efforts and emphasis to enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of their duties in the teaching profession, thus being able to identify the students that are in need of their support and direction in the system.

How the program emphasizes on research-based instructional best practice for professional development programs.

In this context, the program has put more emphasis on having a clear vision of where the institution wants to be in the long run soon, by setting out the standards, measures, goals and clear objectives on how to achieve that particular vision. On the other hand, the institution has stipulated out the academic success for all the students based on higher anticipations. Everyone can be singled out and work hard towards achieving the set target as pee the set goals, objectives and desires of every student, thereby enhancing teamwork, corporation, and spirit of hard work. Tentatively, support and training has been accorded and proved to the teachers, to strengthen continuous professional learning of the tutors. However, this has granted them with the relevant information required, and also providing them with the current issues in the teaching profession. Thus this enables them to improve the performance about the expectation of the institution, in line with the vision, mission, objectives, and goals of the entity. Thus this platform aligned with the research-based instructional best practice provides professional development programs.

How the program utilizes research-based practices for delivering and evaluating Professional Development programs.

The program utilizes research-based practices by reducing the achievement gaps between the target goals and objectives, meeting the adequate annual progress goals and objectives as set out by the institution, trying to manage the requirements of the state standards and procedures and also putting much efforts so as to remain current and updated to the current issues in the research areas, thus improving the processes of quality work and thereby by improving the standards of the programs.


Walther-Thomas, C. (2016). School improvement and teacher leadership: building stronger learning communities. Australian Educational Leader, 38(1), 16.


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