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A resourceful professional with at least four years unique experience in medical research and a solid academic background in medical lab technology, oncology and gastroenterology; exceptional analytical and report preparation skills; able to build and improve relationships between teams both in-the-field and off-the-field engagements; maintain strict observance to rules, regulations and guidelines; and excellent communication skills.


Professional accomplishments

November 2015 Present; Quintiles IMS: Clinical Research Associate

Participated in site initiation visits, site termination visits, site feasibility visits, and made regular CRA visits.

Overseeing several studies and day-to-day research activities. Notable activities include conducting studies on heart failure and Diabetes Mellitus between March and July 2016.The study also covered leukemia, breast cancer, and Crohns Disease is the current area of focus.

Ensured all study procedures, safety reports, and CRF were completed in timely fashion

Communicating study changes/guidelines to the staff and other stakeholders

Oversaw SAE/AE submissions to IRB/IEC.

Collected and organized data from clinical studies and that obtained from clinical trials.

Ensuring that there is teamwork among members of the teams assigned to perform certain duties relevant to a given area of study.

Overseeing SAE/AE submissions to IRB/IEC

June 2013 November 2015: Attached at Emory University as a Clinical Trial Assistant with specific assignments:

Performed basic medical duties such as taking blood tests and other lab-oriented tasks

Designed strategies which became instrumental in overseeing successful patient recruitment.

Implemented and monitored clinical trials

Ensured sponsor and investigator obligations were not were met, as well as comply with applicable local regulatory expectations.

Collected, updated/amended regulatory documents

Responsible for working on ICFs.

January 2010- September 2012: Clinical Laboratory Technician, Biren pharmaceuticals (Edo State, Nigeria).

Duties and Responsibilities

Collected and prepared blood and tissue specimens that were channeled to other relevant lab technicians for investigations

Conducted successful tests on various samples collected on personal capacity

Liaised with team members to execute other tasks outside laboratory settings that supervisors allocated on a case-to-case basis.

Prepared brief reports on various investigations carried out in the labs

October 2009- January 2010: Clinical Laboratory Technician Intern, Biren Pharmaceuticals (Edo State, Nigeria).

Duties and Responsibilities

Collection of blood samples under the supervision of laboratory technologists

Assisting lab technicians in writing of reports regarding laboratory investigations

Working with various teams that within the organization to deliver services on a daily basis

Dealing with different relationship issues of suppliers and buyers associated with Biren pharmaceuticals

Execution of the instructions given by long-term employees of Biren pharmaceuticals as well as those of the supervisor

Miscellaneous tasks which fell outside the scope of the lab but ensured smooth operation of Biren pharmaceuticals.


Date 20xx-20xx: Benson Idahosa University, Benin city, Nigeria (Bachelors degree in biological sciences).

Date 20xx-20xx: Chattahoochee Technical College, Georgia, United States (Major: Associate Degree in Nursing).


Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Experienced in Microsoft EDC iMedidata, iMedidata CTMS

Basic skills in MS Access and related applications



Engaging in community-based organizations that seek to find solutions for various social issues affecting society, including drug use and drug abuse

Volunteering in community service initiatives that aim at alleviating the psychological and economic costs of life-threatening medical conditions on communities

Reading on latest technologies about diseases such as breast cancer, leukemia, and cardiovascular diseases, among others.


There is no attachment to social organizations.

Presence of a tendency to follow happenings in the area of sports.


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