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I am a God-fearing, self-motivated and diligent young man. Results and goal-oriented person capable of meeting deadlines and can work under pressure with minimal supervision. I am always eager to learn new things and would go for anything relevant that would add value to what I already have and taking challenges positively.

Work Experience

ABC Pictures (Investors: xxx, xxx) Beijing, China

December 2016 Present: Vice President


Completed equity transfer negotiations and transaction for more than 25 million RMB.

Designed a one-billion RMB film and TV series investment fund. In talks with CAA, Wasu Group, Yuexiu Industrial Fund, and Mutual Affluency Investment Fund as LP candidates.


Attended the Cannes International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, HK Filmmart and acquired The Big Bad Fox (StudioCanal) and Good Time (A24).

Negotiated financing deals for: Johnny Depp Development Fund, Inkubate Development Fund, Two/One (CAA), Jungle Honeymoon (Coproduction), Magic7 (Coproduction), Beijing HK Love Story, Flower and Youth, The Healer.

Marketing and PR

Promoted company agenda by accepting interviews from media outlets such as Sina Entertainment, The Bund Pictorial, Entertainment Capital, and Deep Focus.

Coordinated the establishment of a joint venture marketing company with a listed advertising company.

Negotiated the product placement deals for the following projects: The Thousand Faces of Dunjia, Chowhound Universe, Choice, Pocket Universe.

Served as Board Supervisor. Assisted the Chairman in HR, finance, project management, corporate culture, and maintenance of investor relations.

DEF Technology

(Investors: xxx, xxx. Current evaluation 3 billion RMB+) Beijing, China

2013 - 2016: Vice President Marketing

Established the following social marketing accounts and achieved exponential growth: Weibo (1.08 million followers), WeChat (500k followers), DEF BBS (300k users).

Created the Born to be Proud Weibo Poster Contest, which generated 90k+ online posters, 100k comments, and 200 million visits.

Created the Weibo DEF Badge Campaign, which led 10k Weibo users to add the DEF logo to their Weibo profile pictures and greatly enhanced brand awareness.

Planned and executed sensational product launch event, which attracted tens of thousands of live audiences and 10 million playbacks on

Planned and executed the Born to be Proud Advertisements. The A Proud Driver episode reached more than 300k playbacks on

Planned and optimized media buy deals for Focus Media (10 million RMB+) and Baidu (10 million RMB+).


Developed and maintained relations with major Chinese and foreign media outlets. DEF was consistently ranked in the top mobile phone brands in Baidu Media Index.

Handled crisis management and persuaded 10+ media outlets into correcting inaccurate coverage. Properly handled several important customer complaints.

Planned and executed the OpenSSL donation campaign, which enhanced brand image and secured 30k comments and 40 retweets on Weibo.

Expanded into the markets in the US, Malaysia and India.

GHI Education & Technology

Beijing, China

2011 - 2013: Executive President, Director Led a management team of 16 and 19 faculty members. Oversaw product design, marketing, finance, and HR.

Gave 20+ public speeches for marketing purposes, with 500+ live audience attending a single event.

Planned and executed impactful brand promotion events, including: The Entrepreneurial Story of An Idealist II (30 million playbacks on, The Entrepreneurial Story of An Idealist III (30 million playbacks on

Planned and executed the following advertisements: Blessed are those who crave honesty, We helped anyone who is capable, Tailor made.


XYZ Environmental NGO

Beijing, China

2008 - 2011: Foreign Media Officer

Developed effective and creative international media and branding strategies for the following campaigns: Climate change, soil pollution, and forest protection. Successfully pitched various stories and interviews to outlets such as the Reuters, Associate Press, CNN, BBC, NBC, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

Planned and executed English press conferences and campaign events.

Interviewed and quoted by BBC, NBC, Reuters and Associated Press.

STARTV China Beijing, China

2007 - 2008: Client coordinator, Sales Department

Planned and executed entertainment marketing campaigns for the following programs: Motorola MOTOROKR Concerts, STARTV-Red Bull Unplugged, Kappa Hip-hop Dance Contest, Nokia Back to Sound Campaign, Hewlett-Packard Meet or Delete Campaign, Nokia Music Gets Me Talking Campaign.

Acted as the primary liaison between the client service teams in STARTV Asia (Singapore) and STARTV China.

Completed the following analytical reports: 2006 CCTV-STARTV Music Gala, 2006 STARTV Fashion Gala, Nokia Music Gets Me Talking Campaign, Sony Ericsson Music Dictionary Campaign.

STARTV USA Headquarters New York, USA

2006: Intern, Public Affairs & Strategic Partnerships Department

Coordinated STARTVs online climate change campaign promoting Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth and rallied support from more than 2000 participants.

Coordinated STARTVs pro-social programs with strategic partners such as the UN, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Kaiser Family Foundation.

Created the think STARTV Environmental Daily Tips aired as Public Service Announcements on STARTV USA from October 2006 to April 2007. Edited the think STARTV campaign MySpace microsite.



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