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Founded back in 1970, Virgin America falls amongst the biggest commercial entities. The makeup of Virgin America mirrors its founders personality Sir Richard Branson who values customer service. The company success in the airline industry has been attributed to several factors that include excellent customer service and innovative marketing that have been as a result of good management from several business executives. The company has consistently invested in social media, and viral marketing since these types of marketing have been adopted by many people as a result of the spread of the internet. As such, the company has come up with several techniques that have used the social media concept as well as viral marketing concepts. The paper has elaborated in detail on the issue of social media and viral marketing with emphasis on the success factors of these types of marketing as well the challenges that these techniques is facing and will face over the years.

It goes without saying that Virgin America has indeed embraced social media and technology which is a critical instrument for the transmission of messages for the travel industry which started via Facebook and Twitter. The social media group was established in 2009 after which Virgin America has, and the company developed creative campaigns through the social media. Virgin America boasts of pioneering in the social media platforms as they have over 483,246 Facebook fans, over 471,790 Twitter followers and over 14,667 Youtube Subscribers. Virgin America has afforded such big numbers and popularity through certain strategies like being innovative. The reason is that the company is ever ready to undertake certain risks regardless of whether the risks are for marketing or customer service. The company honors customer relationship because customers are the primary drivers toward establishing their brand.

Through social media Virgin America can realize a strong customer connection that enables the company to serve their clients with the highest of standards. For example, a customer once tweeted that he was dissatisfied with the airline as his order for a meal had failed to be delivered. The Virgin America customer service crew was able to respond quickly and delivered the requested meal. Virgin America has invested in a great team of social media professionals who are specifically employed to take responsibility in the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These employees are ever online, and their duty is to respond to instant messages whether they are complaints or compliments. The team is similarly held responsible for engaging customers with interesting conversations and sharing fun moments and customer experience. Virgin America has always endeavored for amazing achievement through surpassing the expectations of their customers.

Virgin America innovativeness in conducting social media campaigns have been evidenced by the launching of the in-flight social network that has allowed travelers to connect while over 3500 feet. The platform has changed the flying experience since the airline has allowed the travelers to have the chance of sharing their experience of air travel, especially on such feet. However, travelers have to download the app to access such. The social media platforms while on such height have made clients continue boarding their flight since they view the company as unique. Also, the company has installed Wi-Fi, and as a result, clients can enjoy the luxury of having free internet while on board.

Virgin America has used LinkedIn to connect travelers in flight. The platform is unique in that it allows the people to network within the business environment and as a result; it has attracted a massive following from several professional people in the industry. The partnership between LinkedIn has been consistent since the two companies have been innovative in the launching of several sites; for instance, online courses, in-flight social network among others. From the following, more clients have been lured to use the airline which in effect have caused the sales of the company to grow.

Virgin America has used the HootSuite platform more than any other larger organization. The company has used this mode of social media platform to connect each team to the marketing department to the rest of the organization. HootSuite enables the company to connect its several social media sites so that the information in regards to clients acquired are properly directed to the same server. As such, the companys communication on the progress of the company is great since the companys sales growth can be accurately gauged with how the team conducting the campaigns is performing. The site, therefore, has eliminated the need for multiple supervisions as well as programs that have consistently been one of the major administration costs that the company has been facing all that while.

Virgin America has become successful when conducting the social media campaigns due to several factors. The company staff, as well as its founder, are active in social media. They respond to questions raised on time and with understanding and in effect, most have appreciated their level of customer service. The company has therefore created a following on those sites which has in effect led them to have a surge in the number of clients who are using their airline. The staff cooperates and listens attentively to their customers. Additionally, they utilize web-based social networking to take advantage of discussions about Virgin and its rivals. If the company doesnt use social media, then they would not know the criticisms which they usually use to improve their services.

Virgin America concentrates on positive stories, yet doesn't dismiss negative comments. In essence, workers utilize it to discover what clients need, and in this way they extend their image and system. As in any business, the company focuses on transformation and innovativeness which is one of the key pillars of success. As such, the company success is attributable to such.


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