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One of the finest ways to achieve the best works done is by conducting in-depth research especially on the topic of discussion. As identified in learning outcome four, understanding where to look for the information is critical so that one only obtains the necessary information for the assignment. Secondly, upon identification of the desired reading, it is crucial to acknowledge the sources, both in-text citation and the references. This allows the writers work not be plagiarized and considered not authentic. Third, upon identification of the resources to use, I have learned the next step is to develop research questions and a hypothesis so that the writer is in a position to better build the argument. Moreover, with research questions, the author has a starting point for exploration. Four, from the research gathered, it is critical to highlight the different assumptions made in the research field of the work so that the writer is in a unique position to further explore on the unstated assumptions. The exploration of unstated assumptions builds the authors counter argument on the issue under discussion which gives the writer a unique opportunity to present his claims and make own judgments. Finally, from the claims and own judgments, the author is then placed in a position to compile the argument and present it to make a standard argument paper. The exploration of the activities in this learning outcome of deepening understanding of the topic under discussion is fascinating as it is majorly centered on research and investigation. The individual is given an opportunity to express immense interest on the selected topics of discussion and further guided on how to make refined judgments and conclusion. Moreover, I have learnt a good research paper means that the audience is in a position to get much information from the writer as position. With the acknowledgment of the other writers, work also shows the author respects them. Research is always about building the already existing information, and that is why it is fundamental to consult previous works before making any new allegations that will further be exploited by new writers in the future.

Revision of the writings is one of the primary ways to ensure the writer can communicate the intended message to the readers in a more effective way. Therefore, in learning outcome number five I have been in a unique position to achieve efficient revision with the exploration of the following activities. First, writing a descriptive paper has enabled me to be explorative and learn how to describe environments in a more organized more which in turn has allowed development of a strong response especially in the elaboration of a summary essay. Second, informative and surprise articles are noted as one of the best methods to ensure there is a continual exploration of imagination. Third, posting of research progress report and exploration of research log and report has given me a unique opportunity to be in a position systematically develop my issues to address the audience in a more detailed and comprehensive manner a the paper entail building of information in an orderly fashion. Fourth, classical argument position paper draft I wrote allowed me to develop an argumentative view point, and with the help of the instructors, the response has been in a better position to fine tune my style and tone when addressing different issues. The identified four primary classifications on activities in the revision of writings, gives the writer better confidence to present their works to the audience as they have been clarified and have a finer response which makes it easier for the public to accept the intended message.

Grammatical errors are common in all writings one. Nevertheless, it is up to the author to ensure they are in a position to eliminate as many errors in their work as possible. A document that is presented with a lot of grammatical error not only proves to be challenging to the reader but also has a higher probability to being rejected by the audience as the work puts off the reader in an instant. Therefore, I have been in a unique position to ensure my job presented is edited before any submitted by checking on the contextual spellings that have the ability to put off the reader fast as they may portray a different meaning. Check of the punctuation of my work especially in the creative and surprising essays, sentence structure, the style of writing where I have been using active voice in place of passive voice in my work. There has been vocabulary enhancement in many of the common words to enrich the content of the work and finally check on incidences of plagiarism. By reviewing the instructors feedback on the different kind of grammatical errors done in a draft paper, enables an individual to develop a better final paper for presentation to the audience. Moreover, proper grammar allows for the writer after revision their writings by checking on the relevance and applicability of their works be in a position to attract reactions from the audience.

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