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The pool and spa act, 2007 was enacted by the Congress of the United States. On December 19 of 2007, the former United States president, George Bush signed the bill. Early on, there were various commissions and other stakeholders who had come out to speak against the rampant deaths in swimming pools. Due to continuous death and accidents related to swimming pools, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission launched pool safety. The commission was advocating for the importance of lives, and hence pool safety campaign was the best through the legislation of this act. The council with other stakeholders agitated for the implementation of the bill to prevent more drowning, entrapments as well as submersion injuries as related to pool swimming. The Congress after much consideration of views from the public and the CPSC commission enacted the act.

The pool and spa act enacted under the administration of George W Bush became effective on December 19, 2007. The legislative act was implemented to prevent drowning of children in pools. The Consumer Product Safety Commission which was the most significant influence towards enacting and enforcing this law began investigating incidents which had been reported to them in swimming pools back way from 1970. The events were affecting lives in many families, and thus the government was almost declaring this a national disaster. In 2007, there were cases reported which were associated with entrapments by those who participated in the pool swimming. Therefore, it would be unfair for the Congress not to address such an issue which was disturbing and affecting lives of citizens or rather children. The president, George W Bush, was right to enact the act.

Thus, the motivation for the legislation has been the suffering of children in pools through drowning. One central incident that further motivated the agitation of the act was the death of Graeme Baker. The former secretary of State James Baker's granddaughter, Graeme Baker, died after she was entrapped under water. Similarly, the commissions and other human rights organizations came out to advocate for the enacting of this legislation because of the 74 incidents of death that had occurred in the pools just in one year, 2007. The Act was first introduced into the Congress by one Debbie Wasserman. The author who much contributed into the enhancing of this legislation Debbie Schultz Wasserman is defined as the primary author of this bill. The Act on its first introduction was later supported by Baker family as well as by Safe Kids Worldwide organization.

The legislation has affected some sectors in some ways. Economically, the bill led to the implementation of some measures to improve the situation. For instance, the public pools were required to be renovated by the Federal requirements. The renovation thus led to the production of some machines that could help in ensuring the safety of the swimming pools. The pools were required to be retrofitted with covers. Socially, the law led to the improvement of security regarding children swimming. The protection of lives of those who participated in pool swimming was assured as their safety was improved through the implementation of the law. Similarly, socially, the childrens rights to play were much observed by the state as the bill found their safety.

The 2007 legislation has been amended to improve its efficiency in implementation. In 2016, section 222 (Inspection by territorial authority) was changed. The section required that the resident officials had the power to check and inspect pool in the various homestead and private places. Similarly, apart there is another necessary amendment in the same year to allow for actions to be taken against those who did not comply with the notice of fixing their pools. The legislation has mostly benefited children as most of them could be injured during swimming. Similarly, childrens lives have been protected, and hence they are the most significant beneficiaries.

In my argument, I would like to state that the pool and spa act has helped to prevent injury-related deaths with pools. The legislation should be sustained and adhered to. The bill has helped to improve the security of children in pools, and thus it should be maintained. The government and other stakeholders should ensure that pool owners adhere to the act as it has helped improve lives.

The legislation was signed and enacted in 2007 under the administration of George W Bush. The motivation behind this law was the deaths and other injuries experienced by children mostly when swimming. The deaths which occurred in pools were too much, and hence different organizations and commissions such have the Consumer Product Safety Commission came playrights of a child has it provides security to the child. As argued above, the bill should be sustained to agitate for the implementation and signing of the act. Additionally, the legislation has been amended to ensure the efficiency implementation of the law continues to the foreseeable future.


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