Historical Article Review: The Other Slavery: The Uncovered Story of Indian Enslavement in America.

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The article is written in a bias-free manner using historical way. The author uses historical analysis qualitative study of evaluation of various sources to tell the story. The story is very important in telling Spanish encounters at the Caribbean. Enslaving and colonization of the indigenous Spanish people was not always easy. This rebellion shows one of those instances that it was not easy for the Spanish to settle. The main shortcoming of this historical narrative is the critical omission of key facts.  Future studies should focus on showing the impact of this rebellion of people.

Resendez, A. (2016). The other slavery: The uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Andres Resendez is a distinguished Mexican historian currently serving as a professor in California University in the department of history. He specializes in the Iberian world and Latin colonial America. He has authored many resources well referenced by other scholars. He has always been concerned with Borderlands of Americans specifically on the emergence of national identities and ethnical diversities. He brings lots of experience to the article.

The article follows extinction of small sub communities during conquering of Christopher Columbus and slavery. The author discusses various elements that greatly lead to a diminishing of the populations. For instance, he touches on some disease that the colonialist brought to the native countries that wipe huge populations during the Caribbean encounters. Besides, he discusses the cruelty of the colonialist and the whole aspect of the slave trade. The act of Columbus wanting to transport the entire population to provide labor is also well articulated.

The author shows no bias in the article making the story have a clear and vivid flow. The author uses historical sources analysis approach in getting the content for the story. The article has a very crucial role in the education of the forgotten events of the conquest encounters. Through this article, many factors that greatly reduced Caribbean population are well articulated. The shortcoming of the article is a generalization. Further research should focus on locating specific populations that were isolated.



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