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General Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was an American soldier and later became a statesman who served in the capacity of president. All these took place on March 16, 1767, to June 8, 1845. He served as the seventh president of United States from 1829 to 1838 (Dunkerly, 2003). As the president, he was one of the pioneers of the Democratic Party, which he formed before his election as the president. Before his election as the president, Jackson worked as a general in the United States army where he gained fame while serving in the then two houses of congress (Dunkerly, 2003). With his position as the president, Jackson endeared himself to the people by advancing the rights of the common man against what was corrupt aristocracy as well as preserving the union.

Abraham Lincoln Lewis

Most of the time known as A. L. Lewis became a successful businessperson and was one of the founders of Afro-American life insurance Company that was based in Jacksonville Florida. Due to its considerable business skills, Lincoln became the first state African millionaire (Sullivan, 2015). His prowess in business saw him in the drive will of National Register that listed American Beach, which was a prestigious vacation spot for blacks in the era of racial segregation. As an experienced businessperson, Lewis served as a treasure to the insurance company and later got the promotion to be the foundations president in 1919. With his effort, he helped in being the founder of both the Negro business league alongside the national Negro insurance association (Sullivan, 2015). During the time, Jim Crow made a law barring the blacks in enjoying the many essential recreational amenities, Lewis realizing the need, and established Lincoln golf and country club for the black

Pan American Airways

The commonly known international carrier was founded in 1927 in the United States and operated up to December 4, 1991, when the company collapsed. During its foundation prime days, the airline was scheduled to airmail as well as passengers as it was operating between Key West Florida and Havana Cuba (Durepos, Helms & Mills, 2008). The airline grew to a major company experiencing many innovations that went along way in shaping international airline industries. In developing the aviation industries, there was the rise in other businesses that copied the pan am blue print such as jet aircraft, jumbo jets, and the computer reservation system.

Carl Fisher

Carl is regarded and remains one of the promotional geniuses in his life. It is him who turned a mangrove swamp into American prestigious, and favorite resort called the Miami Beach. As well, Carl played a significant role in the automotive history of Indiana (Fisher, 1998). In the earliest 16th century, Carl together with his brother opened a modest bicycle shop since they were enthusiasts about the bike. At one point, he joined bike racing and many activities that were related to emerging auto industry in America (Fisher, 1998). In 1904, together with his friend James Allison, Carl manufactured acetylene headlights, which was a precursor to the modern electric models. Afterward, Fisher owned a firm that was supplying every light that was used in automobiles in the United States.



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