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Practice implementing solutions by identifying why a solution was not successful. Complete the following steps.

You Try It

1.Save this file with a new name

Click the File tab, click Save As, add your name to the end of the filename, then click Save.

For example, save this file as PS2-Y12 Sharon Rodriguez.docx.

2.Get ready

Read the following description of the events leading to a solution for the problem of improving educational tours at Quest Specialty Travel.

Keisha Lane, vice president of operations at Quest Specialty Travel, asked Sharon Rodriguez to look into the problem of improving Quests educational tours and to help her implement a solution.

Sharon gathered and analyzed some data, developed alternatives, and evaluated the options. She decided that adding a class, workshop, or other learning experience to each Quest tour was the best way to solve the problem because that solution was the most popular with customers.

Sharon talked to the tour developers and asked them to add an educational experience to each of their tours. When a few tour developers objected, saying specialized classes required too much effort and expense, Sharon said they should start by adding just one class to one tour.

When Keisha received reports from the tour developers requesting extra funds for the classes, she was not pleased. In fact, she told the tour developers to stop planning the classes until further notice.

Sharon was very disappointed. She wanted to surprise Keisha with a complete, successful program and thought Keisha would be delighted by Sharon's initiative.

3.Now you try it

In the following space, list the reasons the solution was not successful.

To begin with, after Sharon collected and evaluated her data and came up with the solution that including class, or other resourceful learning encounter to every tour was a better way. She was not supposed to have a meeting with VP Keisha to discuss her findings. On the other hand, she should not have discussed how and why she had that solution.

Secondly, after the approval of the proposal by keiza to go ahead with the project, Sharon should have avoided the meeting the tour developers to discuss the process of implementation of her idea, finances, consideration of any anxieties, and questions on how long will it take to complete the whole process. Instead, Sharon should have notified the VP of the laid down procedures and how far the process has gone.

Lastly, the first thing Sharon should have done is to meet VP Keisha to deliberate on the plan she had organized. It could be a thoughtful idea for her also to discuss the cost that developers were placed on the project. She was supposed to recommend to her that the plan should have started by adding just one class to the tour citing that this is the best decision to help them start and run a successful project. Secondly, Sharon should have avoided deciding with the developers before seeking support from VP first. She entrusted her with the full project and expected that she makes her own decisions after consulting VP; instead, she kept VP out of the picture for the entire project.

Submit the document to your instructor as requested.


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