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This is the strategic theory that intended to redefine the ends and the meaning of policing. The above strategy focuses on police attention and challenges faced behind the incident, rather than on the incident only. Policing community mainly emphasizes the established of working partnership between police and the general public to reduce crime and insecurities. The community has lost faith with police department due to lack of proper control or prevents crimes in streets. However, adoption of these new organization strategies presents the risk to politicization of diminishing crime fighting effectiveness and enhances police power and control safety of a community.

The political era of policing and the reforms era of policing have distinct differences between them. A major difference is the time frame of when this improvement existed and the propose of its existence. Political era of policing occurred in 1840 to 1930, it was established because of Mary Cecilia Rogerss case in New York she presented this case so that to encourage police reorganization in the city. (Peak, 2014). The second difference is the authorization that was done through politics and law. All in all, this difference represented a common goal that will serve to regulate crime control and order. In police department there are many important element needed when implementing and evaluating phase of community policing and problem-solving. To this effect, it is advisable to possess a detailed plan that will contain task timeline and assigning officers to execute their duties. This implementation will ensure the police department achieves the positive result.

Benefits of problem-solving and community policing

Community policing promotes an effective way of public safety and enhances confortable life among citizens. Community policing promote two significant policing elements; the first one is broaden policing organization and the second is how police accomplish goals. Additionally, active participation from all government stakeholders is required for community policing to work. The police department has stated that everyone has responsibility for safeguarding the welfare of the neighborhood. This method differs from tradition policing policies, the goals of police have expanded, and people have changed the perception toward police men. Traditional policing assumed that the challenges that are existing in community are not in the realm of the police departments.

This strategy has allowed all recruited police to be trained: the recruited police men are involved in academic training that will help them acquire certain skills and knowledge that will be applied when dealing with members of the public. This academic skill includes writing reports, learning about emergency and self-defense (Aarons, 2011). All in all, it is vital of police man to understand different legal aspects of the law and how enforcement requirements law. All these skills will assist the cops man when interacting with the community.

Community policing attract both citizens and police department comes together to plan steps on preventing crime. Community policing, they concentrate more on ways that can eradicate crime even before occurrence. Community policing always provide assurance to community that they will control crime rate; this means that police become part of the neighborhood. These partnerships help police to get the better sense of residents and assist residents to develop high trust with a police department. Those citizens who embrace community policing are likely to express favorable comments from police. Togetherness will see police department running and achieving a common goal of safety, the better place to live and togetherness in democracy.

Drawbacks of community policing

One of the major disadvantages in community policing is the lack of community involvement. For community policing to work efficiently, they must be establish a strong bond between police officer and community. However, without the trust and participation of the general public, any step toward policing will fail (Cheyard, 2012).To ensure effective community policing all parties must be committed to the course. A continuous relationship must prevail and maintained between city and police men. Some people may find it unnecessary to have the police men in the residential area due to different reasons. Some people argue that community policing will not have any effect on crime the rate.

Community should come up with guidelines that will making sure that the right people are managing community project. Because in police department, they are very corrupt and some police officers misuse the office. Police should focus on improving the community and not involve themselves in the project that will only benefit them. In many cases, police officers only engage community whenever they want help from the community.

In conclusion, the community policing had flourished in the United States for a has remained to be one of the most significant innovation in America policing department today. The merits of implementing community policing still outweigh the demerits. Winning public trust will boost police help on controlling crime. When police are involved in daily activities of the community, this will assist revitalization of the community. To achieve this both police and community must dedicate their time, in order to achieve the best course of action in police department.



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