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I would persuade the customer using the design of the furniture, that has been modeled to cater to individual artistic desires as well as mindful of the health of clients especially in the case of chairs to avoid future back problems (Miao et al., 2016). Secondly, the furniture has been modeled to articulate a variety of different personality, which makes it indispensable since the company personnel preference differs from one individual to the other. Lastly, I will offer warranty services, in case the furniture have an issue I will be enthusiastic to replace the affected or all of them and also provide delivery services of the purchased movable commodity reducing theirs all over purchase expenses.

Specific Value

The value of the furniture is mainly designed for the company exclusively making them unique. However, our organization will be a brand all the movable furniture with the name of the company which will be artistically labeled.

Communicating the value of the proposed office equipment

My proposal will highlight three major areas: relevance (explain how the furniture solves the clients problems), quantified value (deliver gives particular benefits) and uniqueness (preference of our furniture over other companys furniture). In the context of relevancy, our organization will concentrate on design, storage capacity, furniture that embraces technology and revolution and furniture adaptable to any configuration. The furniture is modeled to accommodate a large number of clients meetings instantly, and the features are friendly which creates a conducive working environment as well as the customer's comfort during the meetings. Our furniture is made with ample storage spaces to cater for all the companys files which will be arranged neatly and readily available to all individuals despite their heights.

Our storage spaces are modeled with the current technology, situated on the walls of the offices with sliding doors, so in case you want to access, you press the button, and the cabinet opens. This can of design is unique, facilitates neatness of the office and also offers security to confidential files since only authorized personnel will access (Schrock et al., 2016). The furniture is made to catch up with ever changing technology and can also be easily converted to future technology. Lastly, the furniture has been modeled to fit in any organizational configuration which translates that this is one-time expense unless the company wants to change to another model. Finally, there are after purchase services that we offer: warranty of one year, delivery, and assistance in arrangement and 24-hour consultancy.

Sales Aids during Presentation

Its critical to be outstanding during the presentation to the potential customers, to win their confidence in the purchase of the furniture. During my presentation, I will make sure that I pinpoint the main areas exclusive to the company explaining properly how each furniture availed will be advantageous to them. I will also add their logo in my presentation to make them feel appreciated in designing their furniture (Panagopoulos et al., 2017). My presentation will also entail comparison of my commodity with that of my competitors regarding the advantages it has to the organization. Throughout the presentation, I will ensure that I remain compelling via enthusiastic demonstration and use of the voice more efficiently and variations. Imaginatively, demonstrate how the furniture will be profitable to the company, expenses to be cut when purchased and the impact the client of a potential customer will have to its company. Finally, the image has an impact during the presentation, will clad neatly in official garments with cool colors.

Role playing

There are five main steps of role playing: identification of the situation (furniture purchase by Naiser and Associates Company), the addition of details, assign responsibilities, acting out of the scenario and discussing of what the challenges (Schrock et al., 2016). In the second step, it will be crucial to list down the Companys desires to ensure that every issue is well tackled before the presentation. The requirements include furniture that will portray the professional image and customer-friendly, spacious, furniture that embraces the advancing technology and easily adaptable to a different configuration.

The third step will be to assign each member a role, major the presenters and audience (Naiser and Associate) actors; each member will be required to ask relevant questions that the potential clients might ask. As a sales person, I will articulate my sales tactics with the scene to ensure that the members are not bored but are deeply envisaged in the presentation (Schrock et al., 2016). Fourthly, the audience will be required build in intensity; such as the potential client actors should impersonate the ideal client by increasing becoming hostile and arduous. There are a few improvements that need to be improved: integrate facts and figures demonstration to vividly bring out a clearer picture that verbally and tonal variation.

Engaging of in Attendance Persons

To grasp the total attention of the in attendance members I frequently asked the questions concerning the preferences, companies that they admire and I used them as an example in different scenarios to correctly describe the situation to the rest. I will improve on the aspect of letting the audience express their views more since I realized I did more of talking and less of listening.

Effectiveness of Sales Aid

The sales aid is partially effective since it provides the client with a clear image of our organization, the product offered and the location only. However, the sales aid lacked pictures for the furniture offered, prices of each and warranty duration which contributed to declining in its effectiveness.


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