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Persil is a detergent used for laundry. The detergent is available both as powder and in liquid form. For many years, the Persil has served as a powerful detergent applied in different forms for cleaning. One advantage of Persil is that it has soap and bleaching material. The product is available for people of different economic statuses. For example, the packing for the product is available in different sizes. There are small packages for Persil that are affordable for the lower class. Besides, the distributing company package Persil large containers that are suitable for large-scale consumers. The chemical that the producing companies use to manufacture the detergent is friendly to the environment. It is advantageous for customers to purchase Persil than the consumption of other types of detergents (Sweeney, 2014). For example, Persil is designed for specific type of cloths. Persil detergents are applicable for silk and woolen clothes. Besides, there special kinds of Persil that useable for colored clothes.

Customers prefer quality for quantity and thus the need to educate clients about the advantages of using Persil. In the packaging materials for Persil, the procedures for the usages of Persil need to be clear and simple for customers to understand (Hollensen, & Schimmelpfennig, 2015). Persil is an old product in the market and that new customers need to understand the benefit for the use of the product. One of the strategies to capture the attention of new customers in the market is through constant advertising the product in the social media. The consistency in the media advertisement reminds the customers of the benefits of using the product in a laundry.

The customers need to see how Persil remove stains from clothes. In the TV, there is a need for testimonies and testimonies regarding the advantages for the usages of Persil in the laundry. Another tactic to improve the market for Persil is to put price tags on the shelves for display (Hollensen, & Schimmelpfennig, 2015). Majority of the customers in developing countries rarely make their purchases because they lack information regarding the availability of the product in the market. For this reason, the advertisement for Persil in different platforms needs to contain the prices and sizes for each product. The customers will learn about the products that are affordable and available in their environs.

The packaging for Persil needs to be attractive and scented. Female customers are attracted to bright colors and scent in the product. Persil is a detergent and therefore the main targets are women within the age of reproduction. The Persil exist in the form of a liquid capsule, tablet, and powder. The customers need to understand how to use the different forms of Persil, the place to get the products. Since customers prefer quality rather than quantity, there is a need for personal selling to demonstrate to customers how Persil remove stains in clothes.

There are varieties of detergence that compete with Persil and therefore there is a need for an intensive advertisement to persuade customers to buy Persil (Sweeney, 2014). One thing that customers should know is that Persil exists in bio forms and thus are helpful in cleaning the clothes. The Persil has the ability to remove all the different types of stains in clothes without destroying the original color for the detergents.


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