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Regarding Jackonis, Dayton and Hesss (2008, p. 678) article, veterans and their families end up becoming homeless and face the lack of healthcare insurance, and sometimes they face the challenge of underinsurance. Also, about 85% of the homeless population in the New York areas and suburbs are the veterans who suffer mental problems and end up suffering all their lives because of lack of concern from the society and the government (The Times-Picayune Editorial Board, 2015).

The veterans and their families, therefore, need special attention regarding mental health to treat them from the harsh consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder which is mostly unnoticed among the veterans and their families. Also, the veterans are affected by physical injury inform of bullet injuries, loss of limbs and burns. According to the extent of this health needs, proper frameworks need to be put in place to ensure there is appropriate fitting prosthetics, create rehabilitation and occupational therapy, supply enough mobile devices and to ensure that there is enough and reliable dermatology treatment for the burn care (Smith-UK & Patricia, 2010).

Citing Beglers (2010, p. 529) article, nurses are the most expected individuals to ensure prime advocacy for all the patients in their jurisdiction and the population they care for. Quoting Beglers (2010, p. 529), successful advocacy among the nurses depends on courage, compassion, the aspect of care, commitment and empowering the clients and colleges. Moreover, the aspect of advocacy and nursing attributes requires intuitive skills and a succedent empathy towards dealing with patients (p. 529). The intuitive skills will enable the nurses to note any presence of PTSD. The nurses require offering their families the needed education about the signs since it might not be efficient if the close family members wont be concerned about PTSD. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the nurses to inform their family members about the signs and symptoms of PTSD which are characterized by paranoia and screams during sleep (Baker, A. (2001).


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