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Leadership refers to one's ability to led, influence and being able to give direction to the team of members or team in completing a task. A leader can be a person who influences led people in following or doing the right thing in the society. Doody (2012) defined leadership as the ability to change other person or persons to perform a task voluntarily. To be an effective Leader one as to be able to communicate effectively to team members, ready to inspire group vision.Have the ability to motivate members, being able to build teamwork, able to reconcile different group members and find lasting solutions, ready to set guideline and convince a teammate to follow and contribute to the new direction. These leadership qualities are crucial in any task one is involved in the delivery of results. In the field of nursing, it's essential that one to possess or learn this quality since this career involves many stakeholders who include patients, board, the public in general, and nursing colleagues. In this paper, I will investigate how transnational leadership, informative leadership, and transformative leadership styles play a role in shaping my future career as Nurse Educator.

Transformation leader style it represents leading by example either they are ones who start duties then they demonstrate to juniors and stakeholders. The transformation style qualities involve a leader with courage, self confident in the delivery of new policy, able to work long hours and to extend sacrifice. All this attributes gives motivation to fellow workers in the workplace this unites the workforce and improves the organization output. Transformation leadership compares with situational leadership style in the following. Situational leadership style is applied when management is facing a crisis and employees to support new strategies given them to support while transformative involves management doing it for employee's warfare through putting friendly rules that need workers inputs for well co-existence. Further Transformation leadership compares with Transactional leadership in style in the following; Transactional involves giving rewards to employees while Transformational leadership style involves managers sacrificing for the organization and employees. Last, Situational and transactional they attributes of leadership is more organizational focused management while transformation leadership focuses on the employee's warfare and organizational performance.

Transactional leadership styles its type of leadership where managers and management rewards employees to fit new organizational requirements or if workers fail to correspond to set targets the corporate management applies punishment to suit employees to new regulatory standards. This leadership style is based on keeping the performing employees with reward and punishes the non- performing while Transformational and Situational leadership style they both focus on the employees since the managers employ strategies to influences workers to impress the new compliance to improve organizational performance.

Situational leadership style is the type of leadership which a manager-employee a strategy to adjust or be able to influence people to adapt to the new situation that faces the firm, i.e., many patients in the hospital is facing now and lack of medicine in a hospital. The situational leadership compares with transformational leadership and Transactional leadership in the following; Situational leadership is employed to solve a problem organization is facing currently its thus artificial administration. Transformational and transactional leaders they are a day to day organizations face hence the managers here motivate, involves employees in policy making, and inspire them in achieving the future organizational vision together. Situational consists in employing punishment to achieve the situational goal, but the other two focuses the future vision and well-being in the organizational.

AS a nursing educator I will employ transformative leader quality in my future career. The responsibilities of a nursing educator involve teaching and guiding learners, advising students on future expected changes, being engaged in extensive research, attending a clinical conference, ensuring compliance with clinical standards. Therefore, inspiring the student's this will bring the need to be creative and the need to have enough clinical background to be useful in the future as an educator. Sacrificing to attending the ensuring that the future society understands health risks and educating the public on how to avoid some diseases through exercising and avoiding some foods (Doody, 2012). These life skills include critical and analytical thinking skills, interaction skills and flexibility. Flexibility proves to be applicable when it comes to accommodating and anticipating changes in clinic and nursing education. Flexibility is determined by how well is the nurse educator able to design programs that will help his or her students to meet and adapt to community changing social problem.

Becoming a nurse educator, I extend to influence but exert authority to nurse student to follow the new directive. Studies carried out indicate that nurse educator requires time management quality which tends to be a significant aspect as it allows one to specific tasks for their students in order of their priority. Time management under nursing education requires a nursing educator to be independent, can multi-task and work under pressure and learn how to work in variant situations. Time management skill is vital in this field of work, but I tend to have an advantage as I already possess this ability. In the course of my four years taking a bachelors degree in nursing, I have been actively involved in workshops concerned with time management and proper time allocation. These programs are available in my learning institution, and thus it has cost me nothing regarding finance. Time management skill is vital as it allows a nurse educator to handle every student in the class according to their learning styles and preferences to come up with the most useful practice that enhances the best learning opportunity for a particular student. A nurse educator is supposed to communicate with each student and come up with the best method to optimize learning in both the theoretical and practical fields. This requirement of a nurse educator is only possible through time management skills.


I intend to employ transformation leadership in nursing education as this style will create an identity among my students. Personality will boost confidence and open the minds of nurse student's I intend to be educated. I firmly believe that practicing transformation leadership will make my career easy in handling people. The visionary of exercising my job will allow me to achieve my dreams easily. Practicing transformation leadership calls one to act as a role model to inspire the nursing students and to upraise their interest in their field of study. Another love the students' and take ownership of their studies at personal levels (Giltinane, 2013). Transformation leadership also will equip me to understand the strength and weaknesses exhibited by nursing students in the lower levels. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses shown by students allows the nursing educator to handle his or her students according to their strengths and weaknesses at a given time. I firmly believe that adopting transformation leadership says will career as a nurse educator will make me prosper as a nursing educator.


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