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This is a project to provide airline services to pet owners who would wish to travel. The target market would comprise of tourist who would love to have their pets accompany them to their travel destination, people who sell and buy pets as their business, people traveling to their new homes and cannot leave their pets behind and those who work in the pet orphanages and would wish to transfer the pets. As a matter of fact, this line of business would have a very broad market which has always been overlooked by so many air service providers. Reaching out to these people would be a major key towards the success of this business.

Market segregation variables

The market segregation variables that are important for this business especially while arriving at the target market would include the following;

a. People in the business

I would look at the current airline providers and what they offer. The services provided by the already existing carrier providers would be so useful towards a determination of the profitability of the business. These people would act as the competitor to the firm. The competitors would influence the forces of demand and profits that made in the business of air service provision. The success of this business relies so much on the ability of the competitors to either adjust to this line of trade or to keep in their line of duty,

b. Pricing of the service

The price charged would be useful while settling on a target market. The financial muscle of the target market must be seriously considered. A target market with low financial strengths would mean lower charges on the fare so as to factor them in the business. If the target market is an affluent class, the company would charge extremely higher and provide cozy services. The prices must be flexible for all the target audiences. The target audience must also be well taken care of by the business.

The above issues are useful in segregating the market in that, the people in the business would help separate the target audience as the passengers with or without pets. All these two categories of passengers must be factored in into the business plan. This is because not all the time would the business have all its passengers having pets fill the plane. Therefore, to continue making profits even in low seasons, the new airline must consider offering its services to the people without pets as well. The two groups can have different cabins in the plane, or they can be mixed, but the pets are kept in the different cabin. This would be useful towards ensuring the comfort of every passenger on the plane.

The consideration of the prices would be helpful in that the prices charged would help to determine whether the business would be able to maintain the target audience or whether their wold is needed to adjust the prices or widen the scope of the market. Broadening the market is the best move as it would ensure that the clients are always available. The price would separate the target market into first or second class passengers based on the amount they would be paying for the airline services. The price they pay would also dictate the services they are offered and those rendered to the pets. For instance, first class passengers would have their pets washed with special washing soaps, provided with very cozy bedding and served special meals whereas second class passengers would only benefit from common or local services that are basic to the pets and the passengers. It is a fact that most people would prefer first class since everyone would wish to give the best treatment for their pets especially while traveling.

Customer Retention Program for The Airline Business

The client for this business would be retained through various programs. The customer retention program would significantly benefit the business as it would ensure the company does not receive fluctuation of clients. The business would fast focus on orienting customers on the services offered. Foremost the company staff would ensure their consumers are assured of the safety of their animals. Moreover, the business would also ensure that all first aid kits required for caring for the animals are available on the plane at all the time.

The first key move for retaining the clients would be by ensuring a pre-emptive customer service. The clients would focus so much on trying to offer solutions to problems before they even occur. The problems that could occur could include accidents caused by the animals in the planes. The staff would be trained to be able to identify animals that could misbehave and try and give closer attention to them. Staff who are allergic to animals fur would also be put in locations where they would not get into contact with such. With such a step, all clients would be comfortable to work with new airline company thus keeping using the services they offer.

The staff would also be trained to be able to offer a consistent consumer experience at all the time. The consumers would be so happy to see improvement in the services they are provided. With improved service, the clients would keep coming for this services with the aim that it would be more fulfilling next time. The company thus would have a duty of ensuring that there is no downward movement of the services delivered.

The company would also be able to retain their clients by offering more than the consumers expectations. The company would interact with the customers on an online provider to get their view on what they want. In return, the company would ensure they offer more than what their clients expected. The consumers would leave the airline while wishing to receive their services once more.

The company would also focus on getting and tracking customer satisfaction. A feedback program has to be provided by the corporation so as to ensure the feelings and fears of the consumers are captured by the company. This would help the company to identify their weaknesses and areas that require improvement. With this, it would be to maintain a consistent growth in the company.

Finally, the company staff would focus on delighting their clients by being personal in the services they offer. This would make each customer feel appreciated and well taken care of the company. The personal service would make the staff have a personal touch with the new airline company at all times thus they would keep coming back for the services of the company.

The information needed by the business to design a customer retention program would include the location of their clients, their age, services offered by their consumers and newly available ways of serving the customers. This information would be very useful towards ensuring that the customers are given the best service that would keep them in the company at all the time. It is a fact that the firm would always wish to have their customers continued with constant increment in the number of their clients.

Need to Assist in the Product Differentiation

The primary need the company would be able to satisfy is the need of traveling to any part of the US and the world in a high-class airline. It has been observed that many people all over the world and in particular, USA would wish to use carriers as they travel around. Among these people are those who want to travel around with their pets. Traveling or rather ferrying the pets would be the secondary need that is taken care of by this airline company. Because the safety of the pets would be assured of their owners being comfortable that their companions are given same or almost similar treatment as that they receive while at home. Nothing would be more satisfying to the clients as knowing they are sited in the plane and enjoying their journey as their pets receive the massage in the next cabin of the plane.

This would be useful in the process of differentiating the services of the airline such that the planes would be differentiated. The first class of carriers would focus on ferrying the passengers only. This class would take care of the clients without pets and those who fear to have animals such as cats and dogs around them. They would be assured of their safety and of the fact that their cabin and plane would be pet free.

The other class of the plane would be tailored so as to be able to ferry people together with their pets. This plane would have compartments for both the animals and the humans. The interaction of the people and their companions would be restricted except for special cases when the pets would require the care of their owners, for instance, when the pet falls sick. The airline service providers would, however, restrict the carriage of sick animals so as to take care of the spread of any flues that might pop out. To ensure the safety of all the animals health wise, the company would have its veterinary who would inspect the health condition of the animals before they board a plane. Though a cumbersome process, it would ensure the safety of all the animals carried on the plane. With such a rigorous check-up, the clients would develop much trust for the services of the company.

The impact of the decisions mentioned above by the firm would be an improved clients retention and consistent rise in the number of the clients. With these, the company would be able to quickly and swiftly establish itself in an otherwise unique line of trade. Proper establishment and excellent services would be the prerequisite for this company to be able to work for so long in the airline services. In a nutshell, it is not only about carrying people on the plane, but it is more about the treatment they receive while flying.


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