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A law enforcement agency is a governmental agency mandated to enforce its law of the land. In America, Such organizations are called police services and the investigative policing service is known as the bureau. For example, in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an agency responsible for investigating criminal activities and ensuring the lawbreakers are brought to book (Bumgarner, 208). The FBI involved in investigating organized crimes and kidnapping while at the same time assist local law enforcement agencies in the new science of forensics. Thus, a local federal law enforcement agency combines the responsibilities that are meant for national scrutiny and those of other divisional law enforcement agencies in a federated country.

Local Law Enforcement Agency

This is a government security apparatus tasked with detection, carrying out investigation and preventing a criminal activity within a specific county or municipality in the United States. There are many different types of the agencies, but the two most known types in the U.S are the county sheriff department and municipal police. The municipal police are in charge of a single town in which they carry out patrol and investigative affairs concerning crimes within the municipal (Bumgarner, 210). The county sheriff department is in charge of patrolling a county besides running the jail and court orders in the county.

Private Protective Agency

This is a police service, which falls under the division of national protection programs of the United States within the department of homeland security. The organization is mandated to protect and deliver integrated laws enforcement as well as security services to the facilities owned by people of the state. They usually work in hands with the private security firms to provide armed protection (Bumgarner, 212). Beside private protective agency, there have been calls for addressing public safety concerns.

Community Policing

In the United States, violent crime control is mandated to oversee and assess the community to ensure peace is maintained. This has occasioned community policing which is a strategy that focuses on the public to build ties as well as working closely with community members to deter criminal activities (Bumgarner, 214). The policy requires a police officer o inherit a proactive approach in addressing the community concern regarding administration of justice at the lower levels. Community policing, therefore, is a strategy centering on the involvement of the citizens in the design, evaluation, and evaluation of law-enforcement programs. The policy often is supported by the office of community policing service. The community policing facility was established in 1994 to be part of the US department of justice.

Evidence of Community-Based Policing

The service is based solely on the premise that no single organization can solve local security problems and that these issues require collaboration, partnership and joint problem solving. For instance, Sgt. Luis Muniz is currently assigned as a coordinator in community policing servi8ce in San Diego (Community Policing Unit, 197). The primary goal of the assignment is to encourage and foster inclusion of the entire community members in deploying community-policing strategies. The initiative permits the department mandated to ensure public safety by identifying problems such as physical and social disorder and neighborhood decay while addressing the root course of the vices.

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