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Question 1: Introduce yourself in 5 minutes

I am in my sophomore year of graduation of bachelor of nutrition from the University of Massachusett Amherst. I have a work experience in nutrition and foodservice in a local hospital of my hometown. I have interest in doing researches of perking up the nutritional worth, taste, look, and preparation of food. In addition to these, I have practiced on an individual basis to decide on the nutritional needs of patients and plan usual and beneficial menus.

2. Why do you want to apply for this job?

I love the environment of working in a university. I love UMass when I first in and at that time I decided to work at UMass after graduation. I love communicating with people and staying in college makes me feel relax and energetic.

3. What qualifications make you a good candidate?

As a sophomore with a Nutrition major, my courses, and work experience have prepared me for interning in an organization such as UMass. This year I will be taking all upper-level courses in my major. During the past few summers, I have been a camp counselor for homeless children. I have also volunteered with children with leukemia at a local hospital.

4. Tell me one example of your failure (at school or work)

At work, I was delegated two jobs at the same time, and since one was pressing than the other, I managed to address the more pressing one first which made me not to handle the other in in time

5. Tell me one example you managed a conflict? I noticed that two of my colleagues got into fighting over differences in opinions. I managed to walk into their office and settled down with them and established where the problem was. I did politely talk to them and enabled them to come to terms once again

Overall Impression of the candidate Good job. Confidence.

Has good education background and experience.

Need to improve logic while talking.

Reflection on my interview


I attended an interview with the UMass. Having in mind that interview is all about research, confidence and striking rapport with the interviewing team; I armed myself with some relevant information regarding the interview. Moreover, the hiring team is interested in the capability of the interviewee to perform the task of the job. Having attended the interview, I learned that interviewing session is altogether a learning process. For the management to hire an individual to work with them, they consider overall package- confidence, skills, personality and other passion an interviewee show during the interview process.

The ice-breaking question raised by the interviewer designed to introduce oneself. Therefore this was to help the interviewee feel comfortable within the surrounding environment I have learned that the opening question is very important as it dictates whether the interviewee is going to get a job or not. In such situations, therefore, the perfect impression ought to be given so as the manager would be impressed as giving the wrong impression might lead to the adverse outcome. In such scenario, the interviewer should strive to remain within the confines of the set questions, use proper English and be brief as well as be polite.

A fairly innocent question and easy enough to answer successfully via exhibiting the motivations for the roles and the desire for the company. Undertaking thorough research on the company and knowing what they offer, mission and objectives. The question seeks to examine the ambition. In responding to this question, the interviewee should maintain maximum care while addressing this question.It tests on the interviewees ability to understand about the company, and all the services it offers. The interviewee should display an exemplary performance and qualification for him or her to be considered.

The question on qualification tests interviewees best shot when it comes to skills, performance and enthusiasm and their contribution towards success and performance of the company the passion one has for the role ensures an interviewee become outstanding in this stage the employer tests whether one can give a clear job description and why an interviewee would add value to the company. The implementation strategy, tactical sales, and marketing plans. The qualifications are the ingredients of acquiring a job in a company. I still need to do more and to refine my qualification scales as this is a requisite to landing a job of my dream

The interviewer wants to assess the major weakness and establish whether an interviewer can devise mechanisms for dealing with the weaknesses. The questions revolving around failures try to unearth where the problem could have been. An interviewee, therefore, should ensure that he or she highlights the weakness and offer remedies towards addressing the weakness. The weaknesses are not necessarily appropriate for finding out detailed experiences, feelings, and emotions. They can feel anonymous and fill them in on your own can make you feel vulnerable. The researcher wants the ease and speed of quantifying measurable data, but for me as the one being researched, experience and emotion may not fit into these neat boxes. My experiences and feelings to this day cannot be tick-boxed and controlled in this way.

An interviewer is interested to know the leadership skills in an interviewee. It tests on the humility and the ability to handle hardest situations in a business environment. The situational or hypothetical questions such as demonstrating good leadership skill is an important ingredient in a company. This question helps the interviewer to design how you would handle a certain situation, unlike behavioral question where you are asked to provide scenarios where you handled a situation. Possessing leadership skill is vital to solving different problems that might arise in the business environment. The interpersonal skill is a virtue that would enable an interviewee to secure a job with the company of his or her dream.


Following the questions in the previous interviews, I attended with the UMass; I can evaluate myself and establish which instances I was able to score highly, where I managed an overall score and other instances where I could not be able to respond appropriately. However, this is a continuous process as an individual need to focus on the three structures of interview questions. Following the guidelines presented in the PowerPoint, I can assess the performance I displayed during the interview. I can proudly say that I am on the verge of improvement and the mistakes I made knowingly or because of confusion would not arise some other day in any other interview. Despite the recommendation in evaluation form UMass, I am still not convinced that I have the potential to attain my best though I am better placed. The areas I need to work on are the logical reasoning, arming myself with all the right answers to have a higher score in the scale bar.


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