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I am an enthusiastic, self-driven civil engineer with vast knowledge and experience gained from working in major construction companies in Australia and Pakistan. In a career spanning almost two decades, I have been involved in different projects where I supervised, directed, and monitored project activities in the planning, implementation and commissioning stages. I have proven my ability to ensure that projects run smoothly by ensuring proper budgeting, timely completion of the projects, and client satisfaction. To further bolster my competitiveness in the organizational and management operations of my job, I deemed it necessary to acquire a Masters in Business Administration to acquire further skills. It is my well-considered belief that pursuing an MBA would enable me to handle my projects better, and would help grow my career in a big way.

Over the years, I have attended different colleges and universities and have acquired a diverse set of skills in Project Management, Information technology, Stakeholder Engagement, and Training and Assessment. This is in line with my personal principles of using education as a means for personal and collective empowerment. My areas of expertise include planning and management, contract administration, relationship building, liaison and coordination, problem solving, leadership among others. As I had mentioned earlier I have been successfully managing and overlooking projects for about seventeen years, and acquiring an MBA would improve my managerial skills, which has been an area of concern for me over the years.

Particular areas of concern include financial knowledge, budgeting, hiring the right people and maintaining a positive and motivated workforce. As a project manager, an MBA will give me better chances to increase my success levels in the projects. This would in turn make me more marketable in my career, due to the knowledge I will have gained during my studying period.

Anticipated Achievements

One of the reasons as to why I am interested in pursuing the Monash University Masters of Business Administration course is that it is founded on the three of my most valued principles, namely critical thinking, leadership, and strategic project management. Becoming highly competitive in these three areas could the final push I need to finally act on the objective of building my own engineering firm. Monash University Masters of Business Administration course promises its MBA student skills in solving business challenges, cross-cultural competence, and broad understanding of business and management disciplines. These are skills that are highly valuable to a professional like me with interests in project management and business management.

Being an MBA student at Monash University will also grant me numerous networking opportunities to interact with professionals in my field of work and from other professions. Gaining access of a bigger business network will improve the chances of growing my project management career immensely and enable me to meet potential business partners.

Previous Experience/Education

With my previous education, and my experience as a civil engineer, applying the skills acquired in the MBA course to establish and run my own business would give me a great opportunity to put into use the ideas I have acquired over the years and also create employment. I also believe that studying an MBA would improve my leadership qualities and enable me to be a good leader in my place of work, and in any other place where I would be in position of leadership.

I have had a long and successful career managing construction projects as a civil engineer and I am determined to make it better by pursuing a Masters in Business Administration. This will expand my managerial and leadership qualities and also equip me with skills necessary to be an entrepreneur and run my own successful business.


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