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The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, has been criticized the world over for his constant and reportedly hollow and insufficient apologies. There have been cases where Uber Company has treated customers with hostilities as a result of poor management style devoid of humility. People influenced him to change his style of leadership (Deen, n.d., para. 1). When it comes to leadership, those who inspire people the most are those who do not have to show off their achievements and accomplishments to show their distinction. People show great admiration to people whose leadership skills stem from a humble personality and inspirational character. Such people can bring people together for greater good and use their experience and expertise to build others. Humility comes out as a tool for the success of others rather than for self.

Humility can easily inspire a leaders followers to work harder to improve and achieve success. The most successful entities, organizations or businesses are often so as a result of good leadership and such leadership come from leaders who understand the value of diligence and full support to those they lead.

It is easier for humble leaders to acknowledge and recognize others and their efforts genuinely. They emphasize on and show great faith in strengths rather than the weaknesses of their followers. Recognition is a great source of motivation, which brings a feeling of success. Humble leaders are not characterized by success driven by fear and threats but guidance and coaching (Campbell, 2017, para. 2 & 5). Modesty in leadership lets and individual realize the significances of team work and collaboration rather than competition. When people are in competitive situations, they tend to compete and achieve success over the rest by all means thereby bringing conflicts, chaos, and bad blood. Humble leaders value the idiosyncrasy of each and the resultant collaborative output that comes from team work (Campbell, 2017, para.6)

Humility in leadership is a symbol of integrity and honesty. That means such reputations are not based on falsified and pretentious intentions. That increases trust as people believe they are not of empty words but are action-oriented. As a result, those leaders mean their word and believe in the importance of honesty when leading others (Campbell, 2017, para. 9). That trust garners them a lot of respect and admiration. Additionally, arrogance can be off-putting when it manifests as a characteristic of leadership. People do not necessarily have to be arrogant and excessively aggressive to be great leaders. Arrogance is seen to serve personal ego and thereby discouraging others in following egocentric leaders (Deen, n.d., para. 3)

The trait of humility is vital in leadership, particularly because in addition to positively influencing others, it provides a leader with the ability to acknowledge and welcome personal differences (Campbell, 2017, para. 10). Humble leaders often drop grudges and prejudices and build on the benefits of diversity in a team. Humility remains a powerful tool in leadership; people want to associate with successful but humble leaders than arrogant and ego-driven leaders.


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