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Companies with workers who have knowledge and skills to stay productive depend on various factors. Most organizations are struggling to achieve gender equity in the workplace as was of embracing diversity as well as increasing their productivity (Pride, 2017). As a human resource manager, one should develop a healthy sexual harassment training plan that will be effective for all employees.


The company should have an objective of training all department and employees on sexual harassment prevention. The executives should not skip out the training claiming that they are too busy or this form of training is essential for lower-level workers only. Lack of support from the senior workers creates a negative impression on the essence of the training for the rest of the workforce. The training should be mandatory for all employees regardless of prior commitments and title (Lin, 2014). The company will provide an extra and separate training for the supervisors and other senior management teams due to three main reasons. First, an organization is mostly held reliable if a supervisor or senior manager handles a complaint by an employee about sexual harassment improperly. Second, the supervisor should be in a position to recognize potential harassment even when the victim has not made any formal complaint. Third, a company can be held liable for the sexual harassment acts done by the supervisor resulting into tangible work detriment for a worker. Legally, any actions of a supervisor can be treated as if the company engaged in those actions itself. The primary objective of training is to end or reduce human resources complaints about discrimination and sexual harassment.


The worker should meet in one room where an external facilitator or educator will address the main demerits of being involved in sexual harassment as well as the government policies that govern the right of the workers. When employees are trained in one room, the trainer will have an opportunity to facilitate the workers to brainstorm, raise their concern, and what they think should be done. Workers with multiple shifts will have the same kind of training and copies be made for everyone to receive and be happy to read on their own. The training will be able to align with the objective by ensuring the process is relatable to everyday happening in the workplace as well as ensuring that it is an interactive and ongoing experience (Lin, 2014).


The human resource manager will be the head of the process of training the workers starting from the resources to be used to the execution process. The training process will encourage respectful behavior as it will focus slightly on what to avoid. This is an opportunity to present the companys values, mission, and expectations as well as highlighting suitable actions and behavior. The training session will entail character-driven situations that show how sexual harassment policies affect workers work life as well as the advantages of creating a respectful work environment (Lin, 2017).


The workers will be required to write a report about the training process as a way of showing they grabbed what their trainer taught them. The supervisors will work closely with the workers in order to observe whether the training was effective. Additionally, workers will be given new assignments to work as a group and see whether people can work together with various groups without complaints of sexual harassment. The company should realize improved production and low cases of sexual harassment from the worker. The workers who work in an unfavorable environment are likely to waste a lot of time by being given creepy tasks such as back rubbing a boss in his office, making subtle jokes, comments, and gestures. But with effective training, this will reduce increasing the overall companys objective.


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