Final Mapping and Reflection on the Applied Project in the Field of Public Health

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While carrying out my applied project, I have to agree that I experienced and gained a lot of knowledge in the field of public health. It has been quite informative to learn the principles used in public health and the interventions used to achieve better health services all over the United States. As a project, carrying out public health as a form of intervention for healthcare services in the United States has brought a lot of insight. As far as my community health intervention is concerned, my perspective towards it has greatly changed. For instance, bridging community interventions and mental health services has been the brimstone of my research. Furthermore, using certain strategies such as contrast community intervention and empowerment interventions enable effective planning and execution of duties within the public health domain. Of more importance is the fact that the community plays a great role in the execution of certain duties. I realized that the youth play a much greater role as opposed to my previous opinion. For a fact, without the youth, the health sector could not have soared this high. The youth assist the elderly, are energetic in executing their duties and work within a given timeline. Besides, they form the largest percentage in the health care sector.

I have gained a lot of insights on how the program outcomes have mapped to my applied project. For one, I have learned to link new theories from different fields and come up with new strategies to assist in understanding certain phenomena. I have also been able to understand how the use of persona and skills enables better performance in applied projects. This particular project has been such a well-articulated example. It has truly enabled me to indulge intimately towards decision making and also assist in seeking knowledge in other fields. My project has since opened my eyes towards viewing the society from a wider perspective rather than a narrow one. The applied project has not only enabled me to diversify in my skills but has also enabled me to socialize and enhance my communication skills.

While carrying out my applied project, I realized some changes in the behavioral patterns and norms in the society. These social changes can be attributed to a number of factors. To begin with, people did react abnormally towards the introduction of new vaccines. Whereas some embraced the changes some did not agree with them. This can only be explained by particular studies based on one's understanding. As much as scientists try to explain human behavioral patterns, it is not easy to ascertain the causes. Secondly, I noticed that the youth carried out their duties much more effective than most of the other older employees. This change can be attributed to the fact that the youth are more energetic and cherish much of their work. Also, considering the current trends, especially in the field of technology many changes are prone to occur. Thus, changes such as new methods used to carry out research also have a much bigger contributing factor in the project that I have done. There are also revolutionary changes that have far much contributed to this applied project, as far as the public health domain is concerned.

The program that I have undertaken has played a significant role in my life. For instance, it has shaped my views on the society as a whole and has also enabled me to view the world from a wider angle. Furthermore, I have been able to socialize effectively with new people and learn new skills. I have also gained experience in the field of public health and learned on how to tackle obstacles and prevent stress at all costs. Moreover, the use of my project has practically impacted research. Projects are deemed to assist in research and come up with new findings or conclusive results. As such, project mapping is one way of understanding the environment and seeking assistance where need be. In essence, of particular interest is the social changes that occur as a result of carrying out such projects. From my point of view, the use of technology has spearheaded extensive research in public health. My project has opened greater opportunities to those interested in helping the community get more resources to fight any unforeseen disasters. Readiness is something that should be taken into keen interest especially when dealing with health. Upon reflecting on my project, I also realized that there are many challenges that accost it. For example challenges of financing the project and resistance from individuals. Sometimes there are also individuals who do not provide correct information while carrying out the research. Otherwise, the positivity that I experienced during the project mapping has enabled me to be more open to questions and further survey.



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