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Currently, the Northwest Hospital is working an initiative to improve the electronic healthcare records. The hospital is located in Randallstown and provides services to the people of North West Baltimore. In the hospital, there is a direct care for the patients because of the implementations of 20-bed units. The management of the Northwest hospital has eliminated nursing stations, introduced medication charts near the patients, and improved the system for the placement of supplies.

The management of the hospital has in the past integrated the use of information technology in the operations of the hospital. In 2010, the hospital merged with the University of Washington. The merger has helped the hospital in the implementation and the use of IT in various sections of the hospital. The HIPAA standards uphold the use of information technology in the hospital to boost the health care for the patients. The health care providers in Northwest hospital use computers to keep the records for the patients, to collect the feedback from the patients and receive the bookings of appointment from the patients.

The IT team and the administration have to work in unity for meaningful reforms in the healthcare. IT teamwork ensures that all computer connections in the health care are in good condition. The team helps in ensuring that health records stored in the computers for the organization are up to date and can be retrieved with ease for better health care. Analytically, the relationship between the IT team and the administration is not excellent in Northwest hospital and there is a need to work for improvement. For example, the data storage in the computers needs an accurate source of information from the admirations.

In the Northwest hospital, the job descriptions of each employee are guided by rules and regulations. The policies that protect the rights of each employee are clear and found in various parts of the organization. However, the economies of scale evident in the organization affect the application of the law in the protections of the rights of all the workers.

Following the analysis of Northwest hospital, the request for proposal is a call to embrace the initiatives for better service delivery. We are living in the information age where the use of technology is in high demand. There are many cases of emergency in hospitals and therefore the need for automation of all the emergency room. When granting a chance to propose the needed change in the Northwest hospital the priority regards IT. There is a need for computerized physician order entry and creation of patient portal. The patient portal enables patient to book an appointment with respective doctors at the comforts of their homes. The population of patients visiting the Northwest hospital is increasing every year. As a result, there is a need to automate drug dispensation. Automating drug dispensation makes improve the safety of the patients and speed the rate of service delivery.

The nurse needs computerized documentation and proper records keeping. A large number of patients seeking medical help in the facility require better systems for the storage of data. The retrieval of information from the systems makes drug dispensation easier and referrals of patients for better medical care.

There is a need to create a good working environment in the hospital. For example, the IT team has to be supportive of the top management. The website for the hospital has to depict the nature of services that the organization offers. The teams responsible for feeding the information to the website of the organization have to be loyal to the hospital. Besides, the staff needs to provide accurate information to the IT team in the hospital for proper storage.

Automation of emergency services needs attentions in the hospital. In the evening hours, there are many cases of emergencies and therefore the facility needs to automate the emergency section. In cases when the patients in need of emergency services are many, the flow of information from one department to another has to be smooth. The computer system needs to relay the information to nurses, laboratory attendees, and the doctors. Clear and timely delivery of information helps improve the emergency services in the facility.

The proposal has to address the need for sound policies within the hospital setting. Policies protect the rights of all the employees in the organization. For example, there is a need for the employees to observe time in reporting to the workplace. There is also a need for improving the employee working relationships within the workplace. The administration has to lead as an example in time management for the rest of the staff to follow.

The employee appreciation is one of the tools that help improve their performance. The IT team, the nurses, and the doctors need to feel appreciated in the work they do. The proposal will provide a systematic way for identifying a good job for every employee and better ways for reinforcement.

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