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Globex Corporation needs a new corporate network that will cover three offices in different locations. Currently they are using cloud-based technology to access resources from the other offices. Following consultation with the client, the following areas were identified crucial for the success of the project. They are listed according to how important they are to the client.






Globex Corporation cites several values as the reason for their success. They want the new system to be better than the cloud based technology they already have. It performs well currently but they need a system that is oriented to their need and foster growth. Saving time taken for documents to go through the various departments was also a priority. They needed a system that has effective notification and alarm system. An employee should be informed when new items arrive and notified if the item has taken too long to be acted upon.

MOV metric

Following discussions with Globex Corporation, the following were listed as the desired performance metric for the new corporate network.


The new network is expected to handle more data transfers than before. VoIP will be introduced in the new system and miscommunication because of latency will greatly affect system performance. Resources can easily be lost in a system with high latency especially because of misinterpreted instruction over VoIP. For the project to be successful a delay of no more than one hundred milliseconds will be acceptable.


The network will be expected to handle a lot of data and the system speed should be high enough to accommodate this. Immense transfer of emails and files is expected on this network. From the assumption made during the design of the system, a bandwidth of 10 Mbps will be ideal for the system. More can be added if the client needs it.


Globex Corporation is a growing institution and requires a lot of attention. The whole business model relies heavily on the new corporate network. Down times will result in significant loss of resources. The network should be available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Availability will directly affect clients project completion time.


Deviations from the true periodicity of a signal will greatly affect the quality of voice and video services over the network. Since the new network will offer VoIP, it is paramount for the network manager to check out for jitters. Level of jitters should not fall below the industry standard.

Transport connectivity

The new network will connect three different offices in different geographical locations. It was therefore important for the client that transport network be available in all of the locations. The two offices should be able to communicate with the main office and among themselves. The network manager should always ensure that the transport network is always available.

The MOV is very achievable. Most of the metrics can be measured and monitored upon completion of the project. The growing business meant the client wanted the new system as soon as possible. The technical part of the MOV can be achieved as soon as the project is completed. However, the corporate part will depend on how the system is used by the client.

In summary the project will be successful if it is operational, better and faster than the existing system. It should also be available 24/7, have a latency of less than 100 milliseconds and a bandwidth of 10Mbps.

Part two

Scope management plan

Project scope is the determination and documentation of specific project goal, deliverable, function and finally cost. The project aims at improving the corporate network used by GlobexCorporation. Much of the infrastructure is already existing and only improvements should be done. It will be done in five phases: conception, planning, launch, performance and close. Once completed the new system should be able to host VoIP among others.

phase activity resources milestone

Project conception Meetings to determine project scope and specifications Management personnel from both consultant and client Document project requirements

Project definition and planning

Determining budget and schedule,software and hardware specifications and

Project strategy

Project design Programmers

Computer and or electrical engineers

accountant Documentation of project budget, schedule and specifications

Project launch

Activities determined in phase two ditto Complete project

Project performance

Project verification ditto Verification report

Project close

Project validation ditto Validation report

Part three

task ID task description predecessor % complete start date finish date

1.0 meeting to determine project scope 100% 9/11/17 9/15/17

1.1 meeting to determine project specifications 1.0 100% 9/18/17 9/22/17

2.0 determination of system software and hardware specifications 1.1 50% 9/25/17 9/29/17

2.1 project design 2.0 0% 9/29/17 10/20/17

2.2 determination of project budget 2.1 0% 10/23/17 10/25/17

2.3 determination of project schedule 2.1 0% 10/23/17 10/28/17

3.0 development of relevant software 2.1 0% 10/23/17 12/5/17

3.1 installation of hardware 2.3 0% 10/28/17 11/10/17

3.2 installation of software 3.0 0% 12/5/17 12/9/17

4.0 project verification 3.2 0% 12/9/17 12/21/17

4.1 project validation 3.2 0% 12/9/17 12/21/17

5.0 project closure 4.1 0% 12/21/17 12/24/17

Part four

Project risk analysis and plan

Project conception

This is the first step in project development. Any risk not considered at this stage may affect overall project performance. The main risk at this stage is unrealistic ambitions. The client may demand a lot from the project that is actually possible. In a scale of one to five, with one lowest risk and five highest risks, this can be given a score of four. Professionals who understand the possible scope of the project should guide the process of project conception.

Project definition and planning

This is the stage at which scope of work is determined. Project schedule and budget is also calculated at this stage. The main risk at this stage is uncoordinated schedule with over or under budget. This can cripple the entire operation once started. On a scale of one to five, this can be assigned risk level of two. Reviewing the schedule and budget before and after the commencement of the project will eliminate this risk.

Project launch

There are several risks whenever a project is underway. In IT defective components present the highest risk during execution of a project. This will be assigned a risk level of one (on a scale of one to five). A reliable supplier who offers warranty should be used to acquire the various components.

Project performance

The human performance will affect the performance of the project. Risks at this stage are based on those undertaking the project. A risk level of five is appropriate as any mistakes can lead to failure of the project. Qualified personnel only should be granted access to the project to ensure success.

Project close

If all the stages were done correctly there is the little risk on the project from the consulting team. However, the client must be able to use the network successfully. This is assigned risk level of three. Educating the client personnel how to use the system mitigates this risk.

Part five

Quality Management plan

We at Virtucon Pty Ltd value are committed to ensuring quality service delivery. We are industry compliant and hire only qualified computer and electrical engineers to ensure the quality of service. Our expertise coupled with market understanding always ensures that we offer the best quality of service.


Verification includes steps to ensure that the network was installed correctly. Some of these steps include: testing and evaluating the system against functional and performance requirements. The system must meet the minimum benchmark set during project conception.

Technical review of the system to determine the effectiveness of its design and construction. All the parameters should meet the design specifications given by the client.

The next and final step is the identification of performance issues. These issues are documented and where the possible technical process that causes the issues should be determined. Options for addressing these issues will also be identified.


This involves a series of checks to ensure that the correct system was built. It has to perform all the functions commissioned by the client. The first step in validation is to assess the degree of compliance of the network to applicable policies and guidelines. The next step is to do a complete review of the system user requirements and validation that the network meets those needs. Next network design and construction is put under review. The final step is the development of recommendations and options for long-term development.

Part six

Project evaluation is a tool used to determine the success of a project. There are three distinct types of project evaluation. They include pre-project evaluation, ongoing evaluation, and post-project evaluation. After the determination of desired specifications, a project will be then evaluated to determine whether it meets the requirements. During the course of the project evaluation process will be ongoing. The final evaluation is done after the project is completed. It can be done immediately or after a specified period to check performance over time.

Verification and validation processes are a formative evaluation. While validating or verifying a project, the checklist is used to determine the success of various elements of the project. These checklists act as an evaluation form for the project. Projects are evaluated according to the criteria set at the beginning of the project. A successful project should meet all the technical and functional criteria set.


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