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The pros of putting the team that will handle the Post-It project are that the team will have different skills that will help in the marketing process and bring new ideas into the team, and the team will also have the right knowledge and be familiar with the company and the product hence increasing chance of success. Additionally, the team will have experience in marketing with the company thereby making it easy to deliver according to company goals and expectations and make the project a success. The cons of the team to handle the project are that the team will only be able to deliver standard quality without any exemplary or unique performance. Secondly, the team will have a challenge penetrating the market without a campaign, and which will in turn lead to increase in expenses. The recommendations to Mr. Spencer, with regards to the pros and cons, are that the firm should hire an external team to carry out the project. The team hired needs to trained on the goals and vision of the company.

Each team has always a leader who will oversee the progress of a project. What are these duties in the specific context of the Post-It project?

The duties of the team leaders in the Post-It project are that they need to be innovative and encourage team members to further the spirit of innovation in the course of the project. Secondly, the leader need to serve as examples to the junior team members and conform to organizational framework of marketing. Finally, the team leaders should encourage the members to always aim higher and never tire or lose give up in the course of the project.


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