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Summary Point 1

Instant messaging technology has improved the communication experience among teenagers and young adults.

Summary Point 2

Computer-related communication is both educational and a source of entertainment as opposed to phone calls that are perceived to be a distraction.

Summary Point 3

Growing up online brings with it some challenges such as separating children from their parents.

Personal Thoughts/ Analysis

The current generation is punctuated with internet and media overstimulation. Gone are the days when the internet was used for formal communication and strictly research purposes. The internet has become a way of life and a source of various functions such as entertainment, communication, marketing, and education. It has almost become a basic need in the contemporary world. Application developers, on the other hand, have not been left behind either. They are working day and night to come up with new social media platforms and enhance the online communication and sharing experience. Whereas it is easy to argue that all this is a good course, many are the times that we overlook the negative impacts of computer-related communication.

On the pros of computer-related communication, they do help improve the language and typing skills of the user, both of which are important elements in the educational curriculum. To second Stephs opinion on the advantages of written communication, they tend to be deeper than spoken ones. Almost always, written messages are more thoughtful and premeditated because the listener has enough time to read and internalize the message before responding. Computer-related communication is also less costly and more involving than phone calls, and this allows the user to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances that they would rather not have a spoken communication with. In addition to that, such forums are important in making new friends and networking which can prove to be helpful and beneficial. Besides, it is said that your network is your net worth.

A personal analysis of the case study of Steph and her internet communication experiences shows that she spends most of her time on the computer. The fact that no one is there to supervise what it is she does on the computer means that she is free to explore anything and everything she desires and that time allow. This kind of freedom may present some challenges such accessing explicit sites and contents. Secondly, a sixteen-year-old girl has a lot of living to do rather than spend the better part of her days sitting behind a computer. Such sedentary lifestyles have been known to be risk factors for diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and other heart-related conditions. The internet has replaced hobbies, friends, and even family. For instance, in the reading, Stephs mother complains about how the internet has led to their daughter being separated from them and friends in general that they felt the need to monitor her activities on the computer. Since most parents did not experience the online experience growing up, it is rather hard for them to keep up with the current trends and for that reason, they cease being go-to by their children in such circumstances.


The video contradicted the reading in a couple of areas. Whereas the reading promoted and vouched for online communication; and even went ahead to give a personal touch to the story by interviewing a sixteen-year-old Steph, the video out rightly highlighted on the dark side of the internet such as cyber-bullying.

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