Essay on Can Monetary Incentives Increase Organ Donations?

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In the article, the main aim of the article is to confirm whether monetary incentives have an influence on the decisions that organs make. The article shows an experiment that was conducted and the various tests that were carried out regarding the effect of monetary values on the decision-making process of individuals. The impact of monetary incentives was also compared with the charity treatments and control treatment. The result was clear and revealed that people tend to be easily persuaded to donate their organs easily when there is a monetary incentive. From the study, 71.70 percent of the population confirmed their willingness to donate their organs when there is a monetary treatment, 34.68 percent were willing to donate their organs on grounds of charity treatment while 35.42 percent admitted to be willing to donate their organs on control treatment. In this manner, the study confirmed the ease with which shortages of organs could be tackled to reduce the high number of deaths that occur in Germany daily.

There is a need to acknowledge the study highlighted in the article. The article is authentic through the selection of the right respondents by confirming that they were of the right age and state to donate organs. By limiting the sample used to people of 16 years and older, the study ensured that the participants were responsible for their opinions and decision making. Moreover, compensation of the participants for their participation appealed to their interest and created an environment for participation which helped in yielding genuine results. On the other hand, lack of compensation of those that had admitted to charity donations created a real-time situation hence proved integrity of the experiment. Moreover, by keeping identity of participants anonymous helped in the reception of genuine responses from the participants. The only downside of the experiment done was that the sample size was very small and this might affect credibility of the study, a total of 320 people compared to the total population in Germany is almost negligible.

The Welfare Economics of Infectious Happiness

The objective of the study is to confirm the possibility of infectious happiness, and the article outlines a study that shows the evidence of infectious happiness and the effects of societal welfare issues among them being oversupply of labor resulting from the relative income effects public goods contribution and altruistic donations. In the study, there is the conclusion that people that have the knowledge of infectiousness of happiness usually realize an improvement of their welfare and they tend to enjoy life even more. Moreover, there is a need for the government to intervene in the matter to elaborate on the importance of infectious happiness in the modern society. Infectious happiness is intertwined with various factors and understanding the same helps the society to enjoy life even more and life a more fulfilling life. Increase in ones income leads to increase of happiness thereby supporting the foundation of infectious happiness. Additionally, co-workers, close relatives and family members can help in the transfer of happiness from one person to another. Intimate friends and family members have a greater effect in transferring happiness hence a proof of infectious happiness.

In the effort of proving or confirming the essence of infectious happiness, the article outlines a study that was done on various samples to prove the same. The article tends to be of high integrity through the use of mathematical proof to confirm the infectious happiness and the impact that it has on other aspects of the society and social welfare. Using multiplier effect as a proof of the same, it is apparent that that happiness can be easily transferred from one person to another thereby helping to support the view of the article. The finding outlined in the article gives abstract figures hence giving the readers the opportunity to use the formulae given out to prove the point by themselves; this is a proof that the concept of infectious happiness stands the test of time and is a universal concept that cannot be disputed.

The vast research is also apparent in the mathematical formulae that explains the connection between infectious happiness in a person and total infectious effect the same causes. The formulae help in approving the authenticity of the article and the ideas outlined thereof which the serves to implore approval of the readers about the accuracy of concepts delivered. The relation between infectious happiness and the excess supply of labor shows the importance of concepts delivered in the article and how the same affects economic performance. Such supports the fact that infectious happiness has a related economic importance hence the need for the population and economic experts to employ the use of the same in boosting economic performance. By using the income externality, to affect infectious happiness and the excess supply of labor, the article becomes more relevant to the modern societal working and boosts economic performance in the modern society. By using views of several authors and researchers, the article proves its authenticity in that it supports that the concepts outlined thereof are not specific to places or times but are issues that affect everyone in the society. There is, therefore, the need to acknowledge the wealth of knowledge the article disseminates, and how it helps in advising the population to live a fulfilling life by having a positive attitude and sharing the same with others.

International Commodity Prices and the Australian Stock Market

The article presents a formula that financial experts can use for the estimation of the earliest time in the process of trading day at the time the domestic share prices reflect overnight information. In this manner, the article shows how the formula can employed in the measurement of the effect of international commodities on the major indices in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Although evidence proves that ASX opening price only reflects partially on the evening news, it is factual that such information is absorbed within the first few minutes of opening time. Through the use of the right returns, there is the proof that the international commodity affects the ASX in a great manner when the same is viewed economical terms. Despite the importance of ASX, the role that S&P 500 index plays in the economy cannot be overlooked as it is of equal importance.

The article is of great relevance to economic experts in the modern society as it helps in the examination of the various factors that affect economic performance and how to influence their working in various markets and indices. The authors of the article examine various markets in the society among them being the mining and the agricultural sector in the interest of examining the impact of stock market and commodity prices. Various markets react differently, and the same depends on the economic situations of the times. The in-depth analysis that the article carries out helps in consolidating a wealth of information into the analysis that makes the article qualitative and relevant to the working of the modern-day economy. There is a need for the population to acknowledge the research that has gone into the article and understand how the same can be used to affect the working of the economy for the better and change the living conditions of citizens.

Due to the recent economic recession, article tends to further ideas that can help in maintaining economic stability and withstand challenges pertinent to externalities. Moreover, the formula outlined in the paper serves to implore the interest of mathematicians and economic experts as a whole to adopt concepts outlined thereof. The vast research that has gone into the paper supports the fact that the ideas can work in various economies and work to create solutions on the occasions when there are cases of instabilities in the working of the economies. Soliciting data from some of the major stock markets globally, and using figures that are most recent, the paper improves on its relevance and the findings are relevant to the modern working of the economy, and which is an issue to acknowledge in the process of analysis. Moreover, the empirical results shown in the article work to outline updated economic situations and boost the understanding of the population regarding the working of various markets in the society to boost economic performance.

Although the article carried a holistic analysis of various markets, there is a downside which needs a clear examination. It is apparent that the article focuses on the stock markets of the developed countries but neglects those of developing or underdeveloped economies, this makes it irrelevant to such markets and is creates a partisan view on economic representation. By focusing on the major economies in the world, it makes the less developed countries to associate with it less and less thereby making it challenging it for such economies to applying the same in it their economies for their development initiatives. It is the developing economies that require such skills the more and there is a need for the authors to make it more relevant to them and by assimilating views and concepts of the developing economies into the analysis. It is only after such amendments are done in the article that it would receive global acknowledgement and enjoy worldwide acceptance.

Despite the glaring deficiencies in the research carried out, the article is above board and serves to meet the requirements of various markets in the modern society to help in tackling the common economic situations that markets face.

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