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There are many pros and cons associated with the use of temporal staffing services in the organisation. This concept has grown over the last several years. From the benefit point of view, it reduces the labour cost. These costs may range from placing an advertisement for help wanted and background checks, for training and overtime costs. It eliminates the time and effort on recruitment work and hiring mistakes (Arne L Erickcek, Houseman). Temporal employment helps in reducing benefit requirements and avoids unemployment claims as temporary workers are on work without benefits or perks and they are on board only when the production is on. Disadvantages with temporal services are the higher wage rates and contract buyout fees. Organisation fails to build teams if over dependent on temporal employment and will face the possibility of lack of commitment (Erika Svedaite, Teodoras Tamosiunas).

The impact of Managed care, Medicare rate reduction and problems with Medicare reimbursement on the organisation may be found in different ways. Both managed care and non-managed care patients get influenced due to the occurrence of managed care organisations in a health care market. Managed care organisations may impact the process, benefits, outcomes and cost of care for enrolled insurance plan by the possible patients on financial aspects. On the other hand, it is equally significant for possible managed care activity to make the changes at the market-level in patient care that influence even non-managed care enrolees. For example, demonstrate the existence of spill-over effects. This is achieved by the effective relationship between managed care diffusion in the health care market and expenditures for Medicare fee-for-service enrolees (Kate Bundorf, Judith, Dareell). Another way is to maximize the effect by transforming the practice pattern among physicians, altering the arrangement of the health care delivery, enhancing competition in the health care market. Organisation should challenge to achieve higher levels of managed care diffusion through its capacity, size and composition of the workforce and implement the modern technology operating procedures for the health care units.


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