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The visit was to the little India which is an Indian enclave located in the city of Artesia, California on pioneer boulevard between 183rd and 188th street. It is the largest enclave in this region of southern California. Indian immigrants first arrived in the United States during the 19th century as low-skilled farm laborers. The percentage of immigration was hyped by legislative changes that removed national origin quotas, introduced temporary skilled worker programs and shaped employment based on permanent visas. The buildings here are structured in a way to be inclusive mini-malls that suggest that business in this area is a boom. The clothing includes much of Indian wear of beadwork and fabric handcrafted from India. Both traditional and modern wear are present. The stores here are segmented rooms from a large building mainly malls which have a jaw-dropping array of goods ranging from clothing, shoes, interior decor and furniture. Beauty is highly privileged in little India with Indian beauty rituals such as eyebrow threading (removal of hair using a cotton thread) and henna art for the hands. Much of the food in this area is culturally Indian. From an appetizer known as khandvi, which is a brilliant yellow roll of spices and garbanzo flour, it is then steamed served with mustard seed, shredded coconut, and cilantro followed by mint chutney. It has a mild taste almost egg like. I would advise one to take the chai tea wash it all down. For the main meal, try a share a thali which comprises of rice in the center and a variety of curries all around it. This dish is highly spiced, and I had to take a yogurt drink to spice it down hence, it was not much of my taste. There is also plenty of groceries that make food for taking away purposes.

There is evidence of Hindu temples that cater to the religious needs of the Indians living in Artesia. With Indian traditional markings and symbols, the Sanathan Dharma Temple, Radha Krishna Mandir, and Swaminarayan Mandir serve with great honor to the understanding that Indians are prayerful people. In Artesia, there is an A-Z directory of local businesses that one can use to network with other businesses for marketing, advertising, and communication. Artesia has a vast technological advancement banging from computerized parking, CCTV cameras, phones, Wi-Fi hotspots among others. There is a wide range of products sold in stores and businesses that are commonly form Indian cuisine. Most of the products are branded made in India which serves as a reason to conclude that most are shipped from India. Economic activities in this area are mainly swelled by selling of Indian products from restaurants, malls, technological pieces of equipment to clothing. A specific business booming at all times is the art of beauty. Indians love drawing of partners on their body using henna providing business to those with such art which is rare in other parts of United States.

It is good for immigrants to the U.S to emulate living in an ethnical enclave such as the Indian people live in Artesia since people from your homeland understand one another better and also to avoid cultural conflicts among people of different races. Personally, if I were to move to another area, I would look for people from my homeland and live close to them. As the saying goes birds of the same feathers flock together.

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