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The family health assessment was conducted to evaluate the family's health status. The nature of questions used allowed 11 essential elements to be assessed in detail. The respondents were given the opportunity to elaborate and clarify their responses. The family is healthy and working hard to improve this. Sexuality and access to education were identified as the main barriers to the attainment of 100% health by the family. This is primarily because reproductive health is rarely discussed by the family as a whole, this possibly leaves the kids out on important matters concerning sexual health.

The family places a high value on health each member. This importance was seen in its nutritional supply. From the responses given, it is clear that the family understands the importance of feeding well as a predetermining factor of ones health status. For instance, the family has maintained its access to a balanced diet every day, for this reason, it has not had any disease related to malnutrition in the recent past. The same concept and level of importance is placed on sleep by the family. According to the responses given by the family, each family member receives enough rest and sleep by going to bed early and sleeping for at least 8 hours every day. Indeed, it is recommended that a healthy person should have at least 8 hours of sleep every day, and it is evident that the family has paid keen attention to achieve this goal.

The family has put in place mechanisms to manage waste elimination. From the responses given, it is evident that family avoids generating unnecessary waste in the kitchen and from other household products. The little waste that is generated is however recycled or disposed properly not to interfere with the environment. Another effort to improve personal health may be seen in the level of importance placed on exercising by individuals in the family. For instance, each member visits the gym at least twice in a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The family can access health-related information and has not had any health problem related to sensory perception. None of its members has reported cases of sight, touch, sight, or smell complications owing to dysfunctional sensory organs. Under the same note, the family feels satisfied with its relationships in the community. The family encounters almost zero cases of conflict with other community members. Internally, roles are well distributed in the family. The parents ensure that tasks and duties are distributed relatively to replicate the external and harmonious relationship to its household. The parents are mainly in charge of monitoring the family's health and providing guidance on matters regarding sexuality and coping with stress and health problems.

Sexuality and cognitive elements appeared to present a significant wellness program for the family. In this regard, the family does not place adequate importance on information and the pace at which it is received. However, this does not include information related to sexual health. For instance, matters related to sexual health were not well addressed as the parents were too busy. Also, the family does not have a stable and reliable source of information regarding health. These areas need to be relooked for the family to maintain an optimum health condition.

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