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Welfare is a great aspect of the social world of today it is associated with various aspects of social support expected to provide high levels of well-being of people within the society. Social welfare policies are action plans established within the organization to ensure the welfare of all employees regarding their well-being is upheld. Policies are a set of guidelines used by institution s to direct their actions, and with social welfare, the focus is put on the well-being of the people the policies are expected to influence. Social welfare is also associated with the processes of the provision of social services, and its policies provide guidelines as to how these services are disseminated. It is carried out for the purpose of upholding social justice by ensuring the general well-being of individuals or groups is maintained. It is from social welfare that the profession of social work comes out. This is a practice associated with the process of delivery of the social services. The aspect of the development of social welfare in the United States is based on series of historical events that took place in history. They necessitated the need for the development of social policies focused on the well-being of people the focus on social welfare in the United States was based on the influences drawn from Europe associated with the need for the state to provide a form of protection and responsibility for the poor. Some of the main eras of include the colonial period whereby the country was under the British, the establishment of the republic after the American Revolution, the progressive era, the time of the New Deal, the Modern era associated with aspects of civil rights as well as many other eras (Reid, 2015). These are events that took place and brought forward aspects of the development of public institutions as well as private organizations which led to the development of policies expected to improve the lives and well-being of people.

One of the significant eras is associated with the conservative transition that occurred in the 1980s. It is an era that led to the establishment of reforms in the welfare sector of the nation. This is a transition that moved away from traditional forms of handling social problems of welfare. It transitioned into a more work based measures. This led to the establishment of social welfare policies and the development of social work as a profession aimed at the provision of social services. Now social welfare is associated with the development of organized activities concerning programs and policies that recognize social problems and lead to the improvement of the well-being of people in the society. It is also associated with the establishment of incentive programs by both public and or private institution with the goals of cushioning the effects of social problems in the society for people that have been affected (Reid, 2015).

Social welfare has developed over the years through the influence of historical events that have shaped and influenced the aspects of habitation as well as the development of humanity across the world. It has grown to become a great prerequisite for the development of societies, and this is based on the fact that the well-being of people regarding the societal understandings is very crucial. Social welfare policies help guide the provision of social services by the state or other organization in the society.



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